It has been observed that the first impression you make on people constitutes more than seventy percent of how they ultimately perceive you.

Wherever we go, we imprint our personality in their hearts and that is why as believers of Islamic monotheism especially, as a lady, we must always appear smart and clean. In the definition of Hijab although, we are not to over-do things; at least, we should not in the name of modesty appear unkempt and stinkingly smelling.

On several occasions, I have met with sisters who not only look untidy, but also appear dirty. The fact that we don’t use fragrances to avoid attracting the opposite sex does not warrant stinking as the stench of heap of garbage. There are ways we can keep our modesty at bay and at the same time, be fresh.

Some Muslimahs don’t take care of their hair in the spirit of, “who am I dressing for? “; they go out with stained clothes and unclean shoes. Imagine you walk through a corridor in a public place and find a smartly dressed sister next to you, walking with an honourable gait. I know you will not hesitate to turn to her on reaching the door and say “You first”.

I have come across wonderful Muslim sisters who wear the overgarment as prescribed by the Holy book and yet, do not portray being modest as an opportunity to be nonchalant about their dressing and their well being.

Also, the fact that you are a nursing mother does not mean you should be stinky of baby’s urine, mammary fluid and what have you… You can be a fabulous mom. What I mean here is that we can still project a good appearance without going overboard as a result of extravagance in our clothing.

The traditions and practice of the holy Prophet and his wives have cleanliness as parts and priorities. We all know that cleanliness is next to Godliness. This was his personality. He was keen to appear neat and presentable. He would admonish the people “Indeed, Allah is beautiful and loves beauty”.( Muslim )…

1. What are you waiting for dear Muslim sister? Emulate the beloved prophet by keeping yourself clean. Here are few tips to maintaining a clean routine:

2. Wash your body” regularly” which includes your mouth to keep you refreshing all day.

3. Wash and Wear a nice hair-dress, at least once in two weeks; also, to maintain healthy hair, use beneficial hair treatment.

4. Don’t repeat wearing clothes too often without washing especially after a hectic day in the Sun.

5. Wash your clothes and hijab regularly. Use good body cream for your skin to glow.

Remember, being a mother does not mean good bye to smart appearance and as well, remember to keep a clean home. Finally keep a smiling face it makes you beautiful.


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