A journalist with Encomium magazine, Rasheed Abubakar is set to unravel the mysteries surrounding the age-long hijab crisis in Nigeria in his new book entitled, Hijab and the Nigeria Press.

The book will be unveiled at various Islamic camping programmes coming up in December 2016.

Abubakar, an author and publisher described the book as a manual for proper understanding of hijab, a handbook for Muslim female students and all victims of assaults and harassments on hijab  particularly in Lagos schools.

Speaking exclusively with TRNG, the former Education Editor of PM News said; “So many ugly events happened during the hijab crises in Nigeria. Cases of assault and molestation of Muslim girls went unreported in the media. There is need for someone to tell the story of those who paid the price, for the generation coming after us need to know how the battle was fought and won, albeit peacefully.

“The book touched on the roles played by Muslim organisations in the enforcement of hijab. Unfortunately, only few out of the numerous Islamic organisations stood for the hijab. I acknowledged 
their bravery in the book. You’ll definitely read about them when the book finally hits the stands.”

Abubakar, who is also the pioneer Editor-in-Chief of AL-FAHM berated the Nigeria press for complicity during the hijab saga.

“Most of them took the centre stage during the hijab saga in Lagos and Osun states, challenging the use of hijab on school uniforms in their Editorials with outright disregard to constitutional provisions. They provided opportunity for islamophobic writers to attack the hijab but refused to give the same opportunity for rejoinders.

“We’re not calling for equal treatments with the Nigerian Christians who have invested heavily in the media over the years, all we want is objectivity, fairness and balance reportage of Islam. These are some of the issues addressed in the book. I just hope they listen and be more professional in the profession,” he said.

Recalling his experience, Mr Abubakar who was involved in an auto-crash that almost claimed his two legs in 2015 said it was tedious writing and publishing a book under his health condition.

“This is my second book in a year. I was on crutches when I launched the series I of ‘Islam and the Media’ last year. I titled it ‘Muslims and the Threats of the Media’. I was re-admitted for another surgery sometime in April (this year) when the idea to write this, which is like should I say, series II to the first one.

“It was triggered by the incessant assaults on Muslim students on hijab by overzealous school principals and teachers. I was able to source for different news reports on hijab coupled with the ones I wrote for my paper, Al Fahm. Here we are today, alhamdulillah. I just pray this little effort touches the lives of the potential readers.”

Abubakar urged Muslim journalists to be the face of Islam in the media and be ready to correct the misconceptions about the religion through their writings.

“This could be achieved when as journalists we understand what it takes to be Muslims in the contemporary society where Islam and the Muslims are being painted red.”

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