THE National Council of Muslim Youth Organisations (NACOMYO) has enjoined the governments of Benue, Taraba and other states in the country to exercise restraint in enforcing law against open grazing, saying the measure has implications for the economy and agricultural production.

NACOMYO noted that the law could be misunderstood as being targeted at an occupational group from a section of the country, even as it condemned activities of those it referred to as criminal-minded herdsmen in the forms of destruction of farms and banditry.

The group emphasised that Nigerians, irrespective of ethnicity, religion, occupation and other indices, ought to live harmoniously together and eschew hatred, bitterness and dichotomies.

It called for what it called other proactive measures like a review of town planning regulations, adherence to resolutions passed at pastoral and crop farmers’ fora and proper manning of the borders.

The group expressed concern that the anti-open grazing law as passed and being enforced in some states was capable of setting Nigerians against one another.

Meanwhile, NACOMYO has commended the Kaduna State government on its determination to save primary education in the state.

It, however, urged the government to review its action against teachers who failed a competency test.

The group described the development disturbing but pleaded with the state government to be compassionate and allow the affected teachers to get the entitlements for their past services.

NACOMYO urged teachers and labour unions to rise above sentiments and refrain from any act that could undermine the relative industrial peace in the state.

It called for adequate budgetary allocation by the three tiers of government to education, while it charged governments to address the demands of tertiary institutions’ workers and those of other sectors and arrest persistent strikes.

It, however, appealed to the labour to be realistic in its demands, considering “our ailing economy.”

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