THE National Council of Muslim Youth Organizations has called on security agencies to swing into action and prevent a replica of Boko Haram in the South West as presently being championed by a Yoruba ethno-religious group, Oodua Muslim Coalition, which it described as faceless. 

NACOMYO said this was how Boko Haram started, inducing youths and innocent citizens and spreading hatred and divisive messages that were sectarian in nature and purpose.

NACOMYO has therefore called on the leaders of the Oodua People’s Congress, Dr. Fredrick Faseun and Otunba Gani Adams, to disown the OMC as the Chairman and General Secretary, Mallam Lateef Adeyera and Alhaji Ambali Olubodun Noibi respectively, claim to be Vice Chairman and Deputy Organizing Secretary of the OPC.

NACOMYO said OMC should “stop being deceitful and refrain from diabolical undercurrents, aimed at causing disaffection and division between the Muslims of the South West and their fellow brother Muslims in the North”.

NACOMYO, in the statement signed by its National President, Alhaji Kamal’deen Akintunde, said the warning became necessary after the publication of a press statement by the OMC by The Eagle Online, discrediting the Muslim Rights Concern and its Director, Prof. Ishaq Akintola.

It said the OMC statement was fanning the embers of discord, hatred and disharmony among adherents of the Islamic faith.

NACOMYO, the apex body all Muslim youth organizations, said OMC’s statement was “ill-conceived, misleading and ridiculous. Oodua Muslim Coalition is unknown in the Islamic circle and thus lacks the locus and authority to speak for Muslims of Yorubaland. The group is deficient of indices or calculation to arguably place Muslim position in a proper perspective.”

NACOMYO said OMC must be pursuing a specific and parochial agenda as it did not come out in clear terms whether it is serving a political, religious or socio-cultural interest or has a sinister motive.

While noting that there is freedom of expression, the Muslim youth apex group opined that such expression must be factual, sensible and reasonable, counseling the group to explore appropriate redress if it has an axe to grind with Akintola, rather than attacking his personality and rubbishing MURIC’s good work in defending the cause of the common man.

NACOMYO further advised OMC not to mix religion with politics.

Educating the OMC on the Sunnahtic or Prophetic saying that this my Ummah is one and that unity is the hallmark of Islam, NACOMYO cautioned OMC against disparaging the Sultanate and the headship of the Nigerian Ummah (Muslim Community) or undermining its relevance in the socio-political and economic development of our Nigeria.

NACOMYO noted that Muslim leaders and personalities across political, economic and other spheres are in cordial tunes and harmony as far as progress of Yoruba race and other ethnic extractions is concerned.

The Muslim group noted that the farmer/pastoralists’ conflict, which OMC claimed to be targeted at the Yorubas goes beyond its myopic view as it is of multi-dimensional causation and requiring a multi faceted approach.

NACOMYO reinstated its call for a security summit, just as it also noted that the communiqué of a USAD supported Stakeholders’ Conference on Crop and Cattle farmers (herders) conflict, held recently in Abuja, would have impact in addressing the “recurrent decimal” and other security challenges.

NACOMYO also called on the Federal Character Commission to rise to its mandate and check the lopsidedness in favour of a particular religion that has become widespread in the nation’s Military and Para-Military forces and other agencies/establishments for fairness, justice and equity as imperative for the realization of the Nigeria Project.
Source: Eagles Online

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