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NAHCON Chairmanship: MPAC commends PMB on Zikrullah Hassan Nomination .

The Muslim Public Affairs Centre MPAC Nigeria has commended President Muhammadu Buhari for the nomination of Barrister Zikrullah Kunle Hassan as the Chairman of the National Hajj Commission.

In a public commendation posted on the MPAC website, the MPAC Executive Chairman, Disu Kamor said the President must have taken cognizance of the experience of the nominee for such a sensitive office with implications on the integrity of the nation.
Disu noted that beyond the Islamic religious connotations of Hajj, NAHCON mandates have implications on areas like foreign and diplomatic affairs, immigration, aviation and health which require education, experience and exposure to manage.


Zikrullah Hassan as NAHCON Boss: Kudos to PMB.

On behalf of the entire executive management committee of the Muslim Public Affairs Centre MPAC Nigeria, I wish to commend the Commander-in-Chief and President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari for the nomination of Barrister Zikrullah Kunle Hassan to the sensitive office of the Chairman, National Hajj Commission.

There is no doubt that the commission work has multiple dimensions that touch on the integrity of the country in international affairs.

Beyond the islamic religious implications of hajj, the commission’s mandates covers diverse areas including foreign and diplomatic affairs, immigration, aviation, health, drugs and narcotics monitoring etc.

Appointment into its leadership must therefore take cognizance of the versatility of its officials in terms of education, experience and exposure. That is, it should be merit based.

Managing hajj is indeed very complex and tasking, never to be used as experimental appointment or political patronage. Appointment into the commission therefore always must be based on rational choice founded on evidence of past performance in a testy office.

Barrister Hassan is indeed a tested hand from his student days as one of the leaders of the Muslim students mass movement, the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria in the 1980s.

He later served as the Administrative Secretary of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth/International Islamic Federation of Students Organization Africa Regional.

Hassan stands tall as one of those who grew the renowned Nasrullahi Al Fathi Society, NASFAT to a global brand when he served as its executive secretary some fifteen years ago before his appointment in Osun State to manage the pilgrims welfare board there.

As a business management graduate of the University of Lagos who went ahead to study law. The intellectual breadth of Barrister Hassan is indubitably.

With a depth of Islamic knowledge, Hassan stands tall as a worthy candidate for the exalted and sensitive office.

We are certain that as a round peg in a round hole, Barrister Hassan and his colleagues would not betray the confidence of Mr. President in them as they would work assiduously to transform the agency into an institution of pride in the management of Muslim pilgrims affairs in Nigeria. In meeting and surpassing the international benchmark and best practices.

We congratulate him and his worthy colleagues on the board. We pray that Allah grants them the wisdom and courage to lead this important body into the next level and transform it to a new height that it truly deserves to be.

Disu Kamor
Executive Chairman
Muslim Public Affairs Centre, MPAC Nigeria.


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