The Chairman of Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG), Niyi Yusuf said the newly-sworn-in ministers of President Bola Tinubu will meet the expectations of Nigerians.

Yusuf stated this while speaking at the HAVEK Leadership Academy Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at the Lagos State Secretariat Mosque conference room in Alausa, Ikeja.

HAVEK is a youth capacity building and leadership training platform of the Nasir-Lahi Fathil Society (NASFAT).

The Chairman of HAVEK board and NASFAT President commended President Bola Tinubu’s on the selection of his ministers.

Yusuf noted that Tinubu has selected individuals with integrity and competence, saying a substantial percentage of the ministerial appointees would meet public expectations.

He said, “President Bola Tinubu has demonstrated leadership and the readiness to deliver on the job by the calibre of the personalities he has selected as ministers.

“We are very confident that the newly-sworn-in ministers will deliver. The ministers are well-experienced, up to the standards and we’re very certain they will meet the expectations of Nigerians,” he added.

Yusuf restated that HAVEK Leadership Academy is committed to nurturing the potential of youth and professionals, with a view a to fostering their development into impactful and ethically-conscious leaders.

Yusuf stated that the Academy, aside from cultivating leadership qualities in the youth, also fortifies participants with a well-grounded Islamic principles and solid ethical foundation.

He noted that the Academy has a broader societal role, adding that, “Islam constitutes a comprehensive way of life, one that extends beyond mere religious adherence and encompasses principles guiding self-organisation.”

The Chairman, who acknowledged the presence of Muslims in significant leadership roles and within industrial sectors, said the core challenge facing leadership, particularly in Nigeria, lies in its lack of thorough consideration and study.

Yusuf, however, called for a shift in perspective, stating that leadership is both a developed skill and a cultivated aptitude.

According to him, effective leadership requires training, capacity building, and mentoring, turning it into a professional discipline.

On the challenge facing leadership in Nigeria, Yusuf noted that it is imperative for aspiring leaders to understand themselves, the responsibilities of the positions they seek, and evaluate their own qualifications.

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