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Nigeria police detains female for accepting Islam

A 16-year-old lady, Ifesinachi Amatullahi Anih, has allegedly been detained for accepting Islam.

The iWitness NG gathered both parents of Anih are Christians.

Upon reverting to Islam, Anih was named Amatullahi.

According to report, both parents are no longer together since six-year ago.

Anih was said to have accepted Islam after being convinced by a Muslim in Abuja.

Few days after converting to Islam, Anih was allegedly arrested and denied opportunity to practise her new faith, the iWitness NG gathered.

In a petition addressed to the Enugu State Police Command, members of the Enugu Muslim Community described Anih’s detention as unfair, unconstitutional for reverting to Islam.

The petition was signed by Hon. Alhaji Ibrahim Ezeani; Alhaji Musa Ani; Barrister AbdulAziz Ogbui; Alhaji Mutiu Osuji; Alhaji Salau Tirmidhi.

In the petition dated August 16, the Muslim community debunked reports that she was forced into marriage.

Members of the community expressed confidently that Anih accepted Islam willingly without force.

Narrating the circumstances surrounding the arrest of Anih, the Enugu Muslim community wrote, “We, the concerned Muslim community in Enugu, write to bring to your attention a ridiculous out play of unfairness that requires urgent attention. Ifesinachi Amatullah Anih, 16, was detained by the Nigerian Police Force Headquarters, Abuja since April due to her reversion to Islam.

“We understood that her mother who left her husband, Sunday Anih 6 years ago and moved to Abuja with Amatullah Ifesinachi Anih and siblings motivated the detention. The mother detests the religion of Islam and cannot stand seeing her daughter, Amatullah Ifesinachi Anih practising her newly found faith. This was actually the reason the young, Ifesinachi fled home in 2015 when she could not bear the torture from her mother.

“Her news flooded online media after she fled her home that she was abducted and married off. This the young lady, Ifesinachi Amatullah Anih described as a fabricated lie. She got to know about Islam through a neighbour while she was at Abuja with her mother and siblings.

“Also, the father, Sunday Anih has given his consent that his daughter is free to practice the religion of her choice. To our surprise, the mother revealed that Mr. Sunday Anih is not the biological father after 16 years of marriage.

“In that regard, Nigerian Police Force headquarters Abuja called for a DNA to be carried out to ascertain the recent development. Meanwhile, Ifesinachi Amatullahi Anih has been deprived from performing the rituals of her newly found faith. It is an infringement on her right to freedom of religion as a child.

“Ifesinach Amatullah Anih, 16 is a young lady whom within a short period of time already gained adequate understanding of the religion of Islam that if given a platform to give reasons behind her conviction, she will convincingly deliver.

“We are appealing for your intervention and attached to this letter of petition is a video of an interview with Ifesinachi Amatullah Anih.”

When contacted, the Enugu Police Command Public Relations Officer, DSP Ebere Amariazu, refused to pick his calls and didn’t respond to the text messages forwarded to his phone number.


  1. This should be handled professionally all details should be scrutinized. if eventually is true the the Police should be cautioned.

  2. This need to be investigate properly the gril should allowed to speak for herself not the mother nor the Police and deteling why.

  3. It’s quite unfortunate that majority who practice Islam today do not even know anything about Islam, or maybe they disguise. Even the Islamic activists are doing what they are doing it of wickedness because they tend to hide completely the teachings of their so called Qur’an.
    Islam that 100% condemned and prescribed death penalty for a conversion of a Muslim to Christianity, is the same religion that jubilates when a Christian converts to Islam. They insult Christianity as a faith, they insult Christians as believers, they insult the Author of Peace JESUS CHRIST without being questioned because we Christians believe that judgement is of God. The same Islam is the religion that encourages the killing of Christians just because they are of different faith.
    The same Islam that encourages the abduction of Christian girls, forcefully convert them into Islam, and then force them into child marriage is the same religion that says any Muslim girl that chooses to marry a Christian is no longer worthy to be called by the name of the father, and so she should be disowned by the family.
    Now tell me the justification of these shit.
    One thing I know for sure is that one day, ask these things will come to an end…

      • U are mad becouse u dont no anything about Bible. If u ni pls kindly tell me were the ask Christian in d bible to go to Church on Sunday. Robish……..!……..?

    • These things you have said about Islam are just not true, perhaps you need to study Islam to understand that what you are talking about are alien to Islam. You certainly cannot prove this so please do not confuse people with fallacy.

      • Its very important for people sick knowledge about something before they talk about it,ISLAM is the most perfect religion on earth, believe it or not asks better Christians, because I believe you are not.

    • That hatred you are having on islam, its for nothing because this is a deen of Allah and will protect it, how many moslem murdered by Christian but we are growing

      • Dont say what you not sure of. All these words you wrote against Islam are completely different from the reality of what Islam is realy teaching. Dont say what others says, seek to know the reality from those who know the reality before you degrade and insult yourself publicly and unknowingly.

    • Comment:my my brother michro, you see am an advocate of understand Islam and not Muslims. because you have chosen to understanding Muslims and not Islam you have gotin yourself so provoked which shouldn’t be in the first place. for your information Islam believe in JESUS, infact you are not a true Muslim you don’t believe he is a prophet of God. two lots of Muslim girls are married to Christian’s in Nigeria and no Muslim have asked for the girls life. now I aske you my brother whay is it that some of you get so disturbed when ever there’s a reverse to Islam. it’s now happing all over the world. there is no comnpoltion in Islam my brother. just understand Islam you may also benefit from it. thank you.

    • The is so much anger in ur comment,which clearly shows u ar blinded by ignorance and don’t even know a percentage of what Islam entails. First of all Islam DAT I know and practice according to the teaching of the prophet and the Qur’an does not force one to practice it cos Allah guides whom he wills,and I quote dis verse from d Quran which States ” I worship not that which you worship, nor will you worship that which I worship. And I worship that which you are worshipping. Nor will you worship that which I worship. To you be your religion and to me my religion. (Sura al kuathar) and wen it comes to the killing Islam is a way of life which preaches peace,with regards to Jesus (As) Muslims,I mean real Muslims love him more than u can ever imagine.so pls stop ur fabrication and do more research on Islam open mindedly.

    • Mr micro, its really unfortunate that you don’t knw anything about Islam and yet you are making whimsical statement about Islam. Can you buttress your allegations of the insult of Jesus Christ and the killing of Christians from any Islamic sources. As a matter of fact Islam is the only Non Christian faith where as a matter of faith the belief that Jesus was sent as a messenger of God is cardinal without which one cannot be called a Muslim. In other words you are not a Muslim if you don’t accept and believe that Jesus was sent by God to deliver His message. So your allegations are baseless and it just go to show how ignorant you are about Islam. So I’ll advice that you go and seek knowledge about Islam with a sincere heart .knowing the truth will eventually set you free and will make you stop paddling lies around. Lest l forget, your allegation that Muslims are enjoined to kill Christians is totally baseless because in Islam killing any soul without any justification is a one way ticket to hellfire. So Islam abhours such act Get it straight mr micho.

  4. I was in FCT police command that day i withness it . but the police said she was not on detention she was for safe keeping because if they release her to any of the religion they may be accuse of taking side or bias . but I was told later on she was release to one Asp serving in the command . why she was even hold in police custody because the mother denied the father as a husband . police tried to be careful because if they release the girl to any of the parent one of them can sue them. for the girl side according to Nigeria constitution she is a minor for now she is dependent directly under her parent control until she is 18 year . the girl father has agreed that she can practice Islam but the mother denied him as her husband and the father of the girl . police were confused and careful in this matter .

  5. Comment:@ Michro, U are a complete ignoramus as far as Islam is concerned. When a muslim converts to christianity, he/she is considered liberated. Bt when a christian embraces Islam, she’s forced. Hipocrisy!

  6. The truth has come & the falsehood has perished. Indeed the falsehood is perishable in Nature. Thank God, this is not a new thing because as many people are seeing & entering into d fold of Islam in Our Nigeria so it is in other countries of d world. Despite d handy work of d Media which is strugling so hard to see it doesn’t happen Dat way BUT GOOD PEOPLE JUST KEEP SEEING D LIGHT OF TRUTHFULLNESS.

  7. slam is true religion of allaah whom so ever allah guides will never astray and whosoever allah misguide will never be guided so brothers seek guidance and truth otherwise you are unfortunate dying not being a muslim

  8. Mr micho or whatever you call yourself may the almighty guide you in the right path becos you don’t know what you are saying

  9. the injustice is too much please.allow the little girl,and the mother is so stupid that the father is not the true biological father of the girl.he should sue her to court.


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