Our Clarification on DSA’s Release and Splinter MSSN’s (Salafiyah Group) Accusations

The Dean of the Division of Students Affairs (DSA) is in the best position to shed light on allegations raised against it and Mainstream MSSN but it is also highly imperative on the Mainstream MSSN to justify some of the allegations raised in the response to the release of Dr. (Mrs) G.O. Akinola on Awolowo and Fajuyi Halls‘mosques’ closure.

The issues to be justified are as follows:

(1) Violent Disruption Display at the Inauguration of the Mainstream MSSNOAU

The Splinter MSSN’s response to the Dean quote “students who wanted to impose themselves and their doctrines on which are not consistent with the constitution of MSSN members caused issues at the inauguration” at the Central Mosque can be justified pursuant to section 3(1b) of the society’s constitution which says, “Membership shall be opened to any Muslim Student willing to accept the aims and objectives of the Society as stated here in the constitution.”
Thus, we are not imposed or selected by the Muslim Community nor the MSSN Higher Hierarchy, but by those students who believe in MSSN constitution.
However, it is not an empty claim against the DSA who even understand the working of the MSSN constitution that the splinter MSSN (Salafiyah Group) acted arrogantly at the inauguration day. The members of the splinter MSSN have said it on several occasions that they do not believe in the constitution of the Society and that they only believe in Kitaab Was Sunnah. To drive home the point, one of them publicly and ignorantly displayed before the congregation on the visit of the MSSN National President at OAU Central Mosque on Friday, August 19, 2016 that he did not believe in the constitution, upon which the National President told him categorically that he was not a member of the Society and that he lacked the locus standi of questioning the emergence of the Mainstream MSSN. Therefore, DSA’s claim as to their imposition was validly substantiated according to the grand norm of the Society. Since, the Splinter MSSN (Salafiyah Group) is not member, hence it lacks the power to question the procedure of electing the Mainstream MSSN executive.

(2) The Splinter MSSN (Salafiyah Group) Claim of Deadline Imposition on them

Our visit to D.S.A made it clear to us that she initially gave the Splinter MSSN three days to make the consultation with the Mainstream MSSN, while the Splinter MSSN argued for three weeks and upon which DSA shifted ground to a week for consultation with the Mainstream MSSN. This was in contrary to the publicly claim that the one week ultimatum was imposed on them by the DSA. The contentious issue is how could an intellectual calibre of Dr. (Mrs) G. O. Akinola (Acting Dean of DSA) impose one week on them without bargaining. Well! That is their nature, they will never tell the full story to the whole world.
The Mainstream MSSN is a law-abiding Islamic organisation which believes in Qur’aan, Hadith and operational constitution to regulate the affairs of Muslim Students, especially the functions of its executives. Thus, MSSN is a recognised Society on campus which believes in rule of law in laying its claims rather than resorting to violence and arrogance which Islam condemns. We, the Mainstream MSSN dissociate ourselves from the arrogant response of the Splinter MSSN (Salafiyah Group) on the DSA’s release which undermines the integrity of the D.S.A without the Splinter MSSN following due process and appropriate channel of verifying facts from the Dean. The Mainstream MSSN will remain law-abiding with regard to due process and without jeopardising the fundamentals of Islam.

(3) On Their Claim of inadequacy of Knowledge of Dr. (Mrs) G. O. Akinola on the matter of the MSSN OAU is illogical and primitive, to ridicule the Office of the Dean. The Dean office in the Division of Students Affairs is permanent and continuous in bureaucratic nature regardless of the incessant change of the Dean. The Dean who has emerged from the Department of Management and Accounting and who is trained in the art of administration would have made her consultations based on precedence files and documents regarding the affairs of MSSN OAU. To affirm this, on our visit to her, she referred to a document that she read under a former Vice Chancellor of the University. Moreso, she might have been briefed by her predecessor, Dr. (Mrs.) L. M. Durosinmi, which is ethical in situation of being inaugurated into an office. Thus, their claim on her little knowledge of MSSN need to be refurbished if the Splinter MSSN (Salafiyah Group) really meant business to blackmail her personality and Mainstream MSSN.

(4) Their Unapproved Religious Programmes Organised on Campus

Before the 28th of August, 2016, the Mainstream MSSN had written a request letter to the Dean office for the use of Awolowo Hall Cafeteria for Al-Usrah lecture but the Dean did not approve it without stating her reason for disapproval on the request letter. On our visitation to her, we humbly requested the reason why the letter was not approved, she said categorically that her administration has decided to stop all religious public lecture at all cafeteria of residence. Upon that claim of Madam D.S.A one of us alleged her of being impartial to Islam that the Christian faithful use Fajuyi Hall for their programmes on which she responded that the Christian counterpart has also been served notice to stop their religious programmes at Fajuyi Hall. Thus, a justified response to those ignorant who falsely accused Madam of being anti-Islam.
In contrary to the Splinter MSSN claim that their pragramme at Awo Café was not legally approved but popularly known to both Muslims and Christians lacks merit at attacking the decision of the Dean. The popular saying that ‘stealing is not corruption’ as claimed by President Goodluck Jonathan does not make the illegal act an act of legality under President Muhammad Buhari. Thus, their hosting of illegal and unapproved programmes under Madam Durosinmi at Awo Café does not justify its legality under Madam Akinola.

(5) On Their ‘Extreme’ Ideology and Anti-Mainstream MSSN Programmes

It is well known among Muslim Students that the Splinter MSSN do preach against and fault other Islamic organizations like Tijjaniyyat Muslim Students, NASFAT, TMC, Tadhamun, etc. Before the Splinter Group hijacked MSSN to get sponsors for its programmes, there was only one Islamic Society on campus but their (Salafiyyah Group) preaching has led Tijjaniyah and Ahmadiyyah Muslim Students to be registered on campus while the acclaimed Splinter MSSN (Salafiyyah Group) that hijacked MSSN finds itself unregistered on campus. What a paradoxical situation of the so called the Splinter MSSN (Salafiyah Group) that it could not find two Muslim Senior Staffs of the University to vouch for its ideology and the Area Unit (State) of MSSN refused to subscribe to its ideology by granting letter of recommendation for renewing hypocritical MSSN on OAU campus.
Similarly, on its anti-mainstream MSSN programmes on campus, the Annual Jihad Week which is well known to MSSN throughout Higher Institutions in Nigeria has been unilaterally renamed as Islamic Awareness Programme (IAP) without the Mainstream MSSN higher hierarchy’s approval. For more than five years, the Splinter MSSN (Salafiyyah Group) has been boycotting the Mainstream MSSN National Programmes like National Higher Institution Convention of Muslim Students (NHICOMS), Islamic Vacation Course (IVC) and other programmes that are designed to enhance academic and spiritual exposures. Also, the Splinter MSSN (Salafiyah Group) arrogant act of removing the Society logo and the University logo was no more less than subordination and impersonation of the mainstream MSSN. Hence, Madam D.S.A statement of being extreme in ideology and anti-maintream MSSN is not too big for her office to establish. They have caused Muslim Students on Campus to be on different factions which is in contrary to section 1 (3a) of the Society constitution.

(6) On the Issue of Awolowo and Fajuyi Hall Mosques Closure Directive by D.S.A

On our visit to her, Madam D.S.A informed the Mainstream MSSN on closing down the two mosques if no compromise was reached by the Splinter MSSN (Salafiyah Group) with the Mainstream MSSN coupled with some other reasons. It also came to our surprise the news to close down the mosques on Friday 2nd of August, 2016. We, the Mainstream MSSN, are uncomfortable with the closure of the mosques as it may have effect on the practice of the religion which may end up to some students to join cultism which we do not pray for its happening. The Mainstream MSSN has been receiving calls and messages on our intervention on the closure of the mosques but we gave the response that the reversal of the closure does not lie under our purview and authority. The write-up of some concerned Muslim Students to intervene on the mosques closure has put the Mainstream MSSN in no choice than to make peaceful consultations on how the closure can be reversed and if not possible, due process of reverting the closure, or reopening as the case maybe.

(7) In summary of our Clarification
The Mainstream MSSN dissociates itself from the widespread arrogant and disrespectful response of the Splinter MSSN (Salafiyah Group) to the office of the Dean;
Proposes that the Splinter MSSN (Salafiyah Group) should be called another name entirely different from that of the Mainstream MSSN to avoid any further misrepresentation of its article on social media upon;
Pledges to remain law-abiding of the University’s regulation and absolves itself from any member that violates any section of the University regulations;
Does not blackmail or intends to blackmail the office of the Dean;
Remains a branch of the MSSN National Hierarchy;
Commits to the reversal/re-open of the two mosques in due course.

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