Fellow Brethren, “Our hearts bleed each time we recall the conspiratorial role played by Britain and the United States of America in the creation of the of Isreal in Palestine on May 15, 1948… Years of terror, propaganda and US machinations have nearly turned Israel to an invincible nation. Even Muslims do not understand the brutality that is going on in Palestine, they therefore form part of the public that must be enlightened.” The erudite author tellingly observed.

True to the aspiration of the writer. My heart bled as I was sipping through the arguably, one of the finest available material on Palestine in recent time. The book was both classical and mechanical. It was titled “Palestine: Why Our Hearts Bleed.” If you want to unravel the mystery about the centuries-old Palestine struggle and you are reluctant to inquire from anyone, definitely, the publication is your instant answer. I have read it inside out. It is a matter of coming back for more. It is as delicious as that.

The masterpiece was however written by the prolific Abu Umar AbdurRazaq Adegboyega AbdusSalam Al- Faruqi, the founding Amir of The Muslim Congress (TMC). He is a refined  product of thorough journalism and activitism. It is impossible to read Abu Umar’s works and not fall for him. He is such a rare gift of the pen. His writings are readers delight any day. I have a special space for him among the pen pushers nationally and internationally and I belong to his school of thoughts. I will return to that some other day.

Anyway, the sad news is that there is a fire on the mountain and no one is on the run. What do I mean? Palestine is bleeding and everyone is watching including the Muslims. What a big disaster! Masjid Aqsah, one of the most sacred place on earth is blasted into smithereens before our eyes and nothing is happening. The pertinent questions are “is this the ummah whose commander is Muhammad (SAW)? “Are these the vicegerent of Allah?” I don’t think the answers are in absolute affirmation. This is not the noble people of Umar Ibn Khatab. This cannot be the true successor of Salahudeen Al-Ayubi, we all read about. Otherwise known in the West as “Saladdin.”

I saw a quote recently online which said it best. It says: “when we closed Al-Masjid Aqsa, we thought Arab nations will fight us and prepare for war. But when I woke up the next morning and saw they did nothing. I knew they were a sleeping nation.” Shame!

The Aqsah Mosque was temporarily closed down for the first time since 1969 on July 14, 2017. Electronic detectors were installed at the mosque entrances. Multiple clashes have erupted in Jerusalem to show stiff resistance and resilience. Sound bombs, rubber bullets, water cannons, horses and dogs were all used by the Israeli forces to disperse crowds and clear the roads of protesters in the occupied city. And many horrid things are unfolding.

It is pertinent here to make reference to the glorious Quran extolling the blessings of Masjid- Aqsah. Q 17: 1 says: ” Glorified and Exalted be He (Allah), who took His slave (Muhammad) for journey by night from Masjid-Haram (at Makkah), to the farthest mosque (Aqsa in Jerusalem), the neighborhood whereof We have blessed, in order that We might show him (Muhammad) of our Ayat (signs, evidences, proofs, lessons). Verily, He is the All- Hearer, the All- Seer.”

My brothers, what are we waiting for? Are we looking up to the United Nations? Sorrowfully, the venerable Al-Quds mosque is calling and pleading to you to rescue it from its catastrophe and afflictions. Are we afraid of death? Is there a more virtuous and noble death than for one to die while striving in the way of Allah? We need Islamic call stripped of nationalism, fascism or sectarianism to defend the path of our religion and convictions, as well as preserving our honor and historical sanctuaries. 

While we all know, it is our children who are dying in Palestine. It is our own very brothers who become martyrs there. Right now, there is bloodshed in every bit of the Middle East. Super powers are taking time and turns to gangrape the honor of humanity in Palestine. Muslims dignity are dying. How painful it is Muslims blood being shed!

In Hadith 36 of An-nawawi, On the Authority of Abu Hurayrah, the prophet said: ” whoever removed a worldly grief from a believer, Allah will remove from him one of the grief of the Day of Resurrection. And whoever alleviates the need of a needy person, Allah will alleviate his needs in this world and the Hereafter. Whoever shields a Muslim, Allah will shield him in this world and the Hereafter. And Allah will aid His slave so long as he aides his brother…”  Q 47: 29 provides: ” Muhammad is the messenger of Allah and those who are with him are severe against disbelievers, and merciful among themselves…”

It is indeed a grave fitnah (plague) in our Ummah today that, despite the clarion call, the enormity of evidences and eyesore facts some Muslims are proposing indifferent position. They see no reasons to support the Palestinian cause. Some Micro scholars are churning out lifeless fatwas (rulings) to affirm the faulty stand. Their flailing followers too do not ready to risk anything in the Palestinian struggle that would jeopardize their comfort zone. Lord have mercy!

To situate this discourse in the right perspective, a cursory insight is needed for us to appreciate the historical significance of Palestine to Islam and mankind. The unparalleled position of Palestine in Islam is dated back to the early period of the mission of prophet Muhammad. The first Qiblah (direction) of the Muslims was Masjidul Aqsah (Palestine) before it was changed to Ka’abah (Mecca). 
During the prophet’s Isra’ wa miraj (Night of Ascension), the following events added uniqueness to Palestine. (1) on the summit of mount Sinai where Allah spoke to prophet Musa, the prophet observed salat. (2) at Bethlehem where prophet Isa (Jesus) was born, the prophet observed salat. (3) at Jerusalem, he also prayed on the ruins of the Temple of prophet Sulayman. It was there that he led other prophets in prayer. (4) upon the rock of prophet Yaqub rested the ladder that took him to heaven. (5) during the Abassid Dynasty, Khalif Haroun constructed the special mosque on the site of the ruins of prophet Sulayman’s temple. All in Palestine.

From time immemorial, the Palestine struggle as always being the test of life and death. They have been in global news endlessly not because the news were exciting but because the issue has been one of the largest and most complicated problems of our time. However, the fundamental shift in the trial now is habitual. It does not start today. As the case progresses, different approaches are bound to surface.

In 1095, out of envy, one of the first and largest crusaders began and invaded murderously the Muslim land of Palestine laying to ruins lives and properties of Muslims with criminal impunity. Blood flowed on the street like streams. Thinking of safety, people ran into the masjid Aqsah, the temples and other holy places. The places were filled with blood so much that there was no one to clear the corpse. The activities of the crusaders destabilized the Muslims as the second crusade soon followed and the Muslims had no answer to resist.

Until Sultan Salahudeen Al-Ayubi, The Great, responded to the challenge in the battle of Hittin. Hittin is a hill to the west of Tiberias, a village in Palestine. It is also called Hattin or Hutin. The two opposing forces met on the hills on July 4, 1187. Forces of the crusaders marshaled from all territories they had conquered to face the forces of Islam under Sultan Salahudeen. 

It was a well contested battle but the style adopted by Muslims ensured that no matter what, the crusaders were bound for defeat. Muslims fought and won to the last man and they were magnificent in victory. Prisoners were numerous, including many noble men among the crusaders who failed to escape. Big fishes like King Guy, their leader; King Arnat, ruler of Al-Karak; Hugh, King of Jibeil; Aimaury, the King’s brother Constable of Jerusalem were made captives. 

European historians captured the scene thus: “God fed the Christians with the bread of tears, and gave them to drink, without stint, of cup of repentance, till dawn of tribulation came again.” Count Raymond also remarked that “Alas, Alas, God! The war is ended. We are all delivered over to death and the realm is ruined.” The experience was both historic and heroic for Islam.

Up to the period of the Ottoman Empire, the land of Palestine was under the control of Ottoman Sultan. Islam had become predominant in the region and this was recognized internationally until the coming of the first world war when planned attention was paid to destroying the might of Islam by blown up the Ottoman Empire. Since then, many conspiratorial calculations have snowballed into the success known today as the “state of Israel” proclaimed by the “Provisional state council” formerly the “National council “representing the Jewish people in Palestine and the world Zionist movement,” in 1948.

This landmark injustice marks the beginning of another phase in the battle of life and survival for an average Palestinian in modern time in the most terrifying atmosphere. Till today, the rat race continues and brewing hot. It is suffocating! Our biggest asset today lies in our numerical strength. The reality is, we need to parade the caliber of Salahudeen Al-Ayubi and more. Once we can get that, then the stage is set and the rest would be easier to handle. But tell me who will bell the cat.
If you know, please off to Gaza.

Kamoru Sodiq can be reached via kamorusideeq@gmail.com

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