Few minutes ago, I received a text message from the students from FUNAAB. With sober heart and remorseful state, I received a text on how a student of FUNAAB was murdered and how students were attacked in broad-daylight by the Nigeria Police Force during peaceful and calm demonstration against incessant robbery at their respective hotels. This recent scenario is a clear attempt and a sign that our police officers have turn to death trap to Nigerian students.

I could not hold my anger when the student who call was explaining how this awful incidence occurred. I have watched many protests on television and I have seen how police officers regulate law, peace and orderliness in countries of the world. I have seen how students, youths and citizens demonstrate against any unpleasant policy of the government without fear or any act of assault or battery but why is our own a different scenario within the eyes of the world?

Nigeria Police Force has not only fail us in their duties to protect the good people of Nigeria but they have extended their failures by killing innocent citizens especially students they are meant to protect and guard jealously. They turned themselves to criminals, orphans of the law, oppressors and agents of injustice which is a sign that we are in a hopeless nation if those that are responsible for our safety are killers of our brothers and sisters.

This is an act of injustice. This act is barbaric, awful, illegal and unconstitutional. This act is despotic, unfair and totally uncall for by any rational individual. This is oppression and act of slavery but we shall demand for freedom,we shall not remove our eyes from liberation until we achieve this.

It is very visible and clear that we are not safe as youths and students to protect against any obnoxious policy or injustice without been murdered or assassinated. It is very clear and visible that our rights has been removed as citizens and how identity as students has been nullified because we have been treated as criminals and agents of disturbance. This is awful and remorseful because I couldn’t control my anger & tears.


• We demand for justice and a review of the entire Nigeria Police Force under the leadership of Inspector General Idris Kutigi.
• We demand for the removal of Ogun State Commissioner of Police by the Inspector General Idris Kutigi through the use of Nigeria Police Commission.
• We demand for deep investigation on this ugly scenario & we want our killers to be brought to justice.
• We demand for an open public opinion which will be free and accessible for students leaders and entire students for us to witness how our killers will be judged and punished.
• We demand for immediate mental check-up and test for every police officer within the nation because it is our belief that some police officers are unfit and medically unstable.
• We demand for the immediate detention and prosecution of the inspector who led the police unit during this ugly act.

Days of negotiation and dialogue has been exhausted. There is no need for peaceful discussion because we have decided to go for dangerous freedom than peaceful slavery. We have decided to inform the world our brothers, colleagues, mates and sisters were murdered.

There is no room for ultimatum. There is no room for time because we have exhausted our time during massacre of our students in Nassarawa and accidental discharge in RUGIPO, Rufus Giwa Polytechnic Owo. We are ready to use Nigeria Police Command, Ogun state as an example for others to follow.

There is no room for peace until our demands are fulfilled. We shall never rest until our killers are brought to justice. We shall never sleep until our murderers are brought to face the wrath of law but we shall gladly help the police if our wrath can be faced as Nigeria students. Any student leader who tries to sell out this struggle for cheap fund and fame shall be cursed by the spirits of dead students.

Truly, freedom cometh by struggle and we are ready to act accordingly without fear or favors. We shall rock Ogun and her environs. Truly, they are in soup.

Com. Afolabi Saheed,
Deputy Coordinator,

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