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Open Letter To President Muhammadu Buhari On Recovered Abacha Loot And The Health Of Nigerians



The giant achievements of this administration under your esteem leadership are commendable and one of such is the recently recovered looted funds from the past administrations which could have been used to develop the country especially the health sector. The huge recovered loot from Abacha must be invested in Nigeria as we have been witnessing some developmental efforts in roads, railway, Power, Economy and youths empowerment.

It is in this light I sincerely write to you Mr President hoping that this will get to your esteem in order for me to contribute my intellectual endowment to the growth of our dear country by offering some of this suggestions for the health of Nigerians to be improved through accessibility to modern and effective care by earmarking and investing at least $100m to laudable health projects across the country.

The rate at which non-communicable diseases like cancers, heart diseases and other communicable diseases are growing in the country is alarming and I believe your government can achieve equipping of the hospitals with modern diagnostic facilities, training of primary users, making accessibility to this equipment in the nearest future easy both in terms of production and use.

Firstly, with $2m at the rate of $500,000 from the recovered Abacha’s loot, your administration can purchase four modern linear accelerators for treatment of cancer across geopolitical regions of the country. Take for instance University College Hospital do not have this and those that have in the country have been facing equipment breakdown due to so many factors. This will be dealt with later. Though in the western hospitals, teaching Hospitals can have up to five Linear accelerators.

Secondly, there is huge success of cancer management in the world with good diagnosis, early detection and radionuclide treatment. The non-availability of Nuclear reactor and or Cyclotron for production of radionuclides for treatment purpose and with benefits in power generation for the country, it will be a great success story for your government with at least $25m for a small nuclear reactor and $18m for three cyclotrons across the country at the rate of $6m. With this, Nigeria will equally serve as importer of the radionuclides to neighboring Africa countries and boost our economy.

Thirdly, with the cyclotron or nuclear reactor in place, there is need for the county to bring in at least more 4 SPECT CT equipment for Cancer Diagnosis and treatment monitoring to places like Kwara, Enugu, Abuja and Lagos or Kano. This is just at the rate of $500,000 totaling $2m. in addition, the need for at least 3 PET CT equipment cannot be overemphasized, hence with $7.5m at the rate of $2.5m each the country can have one in each geopolitical region namely East, North and West. This PET CT is highly powerful in detecting varying degrees of diseases and treatment as well.

Fourthly, the national hospital should be upgraded to the best of hospitals in the world and this I will suggest total overhauling of its equipment to the current trend in biomedical equipment, latest 320 slices Computerized Tomography with just $2.5m. This can be replicated in the other parts of the country with additional two to amount to $7.5m. Lagos must be considered in this. Furthermore, part of this fund should be used to upgrade at least all the teaching hospitals in the country in all ramifications like laboratory, medicine, structure, training of staff, theater and research in order to curtail leaving of the country to abroad by the health professionals.

In addition to the above it is imperative for the present government to attracts and bring some of the companies producing this equipment to Nigeria either from China, America, Germany, etc and establish such company here. Company like Siemens, GE, Toshiba, Phillips etc. What a job opportunities for Nigerian Youths! if we have a Computerized Tomography, Ultrasonography, Cyclotron production companies here. This will go a long way for youths to learn act of its production, engineering, maintenance and as well reduce cost of importation and installation.

With the above total cost of $62m, the balance of $38m can be used for training, buildings, technical support from abroad and hospital infrastructural refurbishment. This will never be forgotten in the history of this nation.

Lastly, investing in Nigeria health sector will raise more revenue for the government as it will present people seeking the for the care outside the shore of the coutry or reduce it , prevent brain drain, improve the economy, neighboring countries can patronize us and more investors.

This letter will be inconclusive if the human resources that will handle this project is not looked into in terms of providing adequate training for the primary users and other technical supports. I will advise the government to set up HEALTH SECTOR change committee (HECC) and Health Equipment quality assurance, maintenance and production committee (HEQAMPC) drawing its members from the major health professional unions or boards and Academicians respectivefully.

This I hope is my noble letter to our non-corrupt President.



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