By: Raheem Hameed, Oyo

THE negative reaction of some pseudo Muslim known as self-acclaimed Salafiyy to the visitation of The Muslim Congress (TMC) Oyo State to the recent Olubadan of Ibadan, Oba Saliu Adetunji in his palace on August 24 this year has been noticed and read.

It has been seen as barking of toothless dogs which requires not throwing of stones. But it is essential to make it clear for those who wish to learn that Muslim clerics visiting monarchs is not an act innovation, rather the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad.

It is clearly written in Sahih Bukhari, Volume 2, page 872/873 that in the six year A.H., when Prophet Muhammad returned from Hudaybiyyah, he sent his envoys with a message to Negus, king of Abyssinia (Ethiopia) in order to invite him to Islam.

TMC has a visionary organization also clearly stated it in her constitution that the vision of the organization is to be the foremost organization guiding, influencing, and setting agenda for societal reformation in line with Qur’an and Sunnah. This shows that we do revitalize the practise of Prophet Muhammad in the best way.

It should appeal to a common sense man that if those at the helms of affairs are neglected by pious people, those with evil heart will be their advisors. On this, TMC takes it has responsibility to make the message of Islam reaches every member of his vicinity, be it elite, common people, chiefs or government.

Olubadan was visited in order to wish him good on his throne, invite him to the organization Special Annual Lecture which will come up on October 1, and bid him journey mercy to Makkah for his Hajj work. In an affirmative and happy mood, Olubadan showed his happiness and declared himself to be a member of TMC immediately, he also made it clear that Allah alone worth to be called Kabiyesi (King), ‘I am only an old man in Ibadan’ he affirmed.

On those that bark at this practise, we pity them and advise them to go and learn Islam in its complete sense. In his book titled ‘SOCIAL MANNERS IN ISLAM’, page 17, Hassan Ayoob made it clear that among the causes of declination of Muslim community is that “it might be because scholars who are free from rigidity, bias, and narrow-mindedness withdrew and isolated themselves. This gave way to a category of pseudo scholars with shallow knowledge, narrow mindedness, and insufficient talents who come forward to obtain their share of the profits, but make themselves scarce when conditions become unfavourable. They always occupy the front seat to give fatwa or judgment even though they are ignorant. Out of a desire for revenge, they accuse people of blasphemy and immorality, and advocate to disagreement, disintegration and malice. Such categories of scholars neither admit their weakness nor do they relieve people from pervading falsehood and superstitions”.

It should also be noted that those who are not organized cannot see any good thing done by an organized people who have foresight. They will rather bark at anything good done by the organized body.
In conclusion, this pseudo Muslims popularly known as self-acclaimed Salafiyy who never see anything good in what Muslims organisations should go and learn better about Islam and stop fighting Islam within so that their records with Allah will not be like that of Abdullah bin Ubbay.

Raheem Hameed O.

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