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Palestine: The help of Allah is Here

In their pools of blood they lay, heads covered.

Shot by the Zionists riffles

fueled by the onlookers’ from all parts of the world,

Betrayed mostly, by muslims! 
And then the gentle man on the countryside 

Riba, Ghibaa, Zina, none of these does he try.

Five times he prostrates, and even at predawn

Yet he is less of a man, more of a beast!
I hear cries from the Ulamah blaming the oppressed

They make supplications, leaving out these people

“they must have disobeyed Allah, here is their reward”

I just wonder what empathy still exist in their hearts. 
I gave my solidarity and support the other day,

I was called a sectist by a god-fearing brethren

“Why do you not drink coke?” A sister queried

With mockery in her voice, for she knew it was a boycott to help support Palestine. 
When would the help of Allah be near? 

When? When would you realize it had always been here! 

We have the power, the armour, we were meant to be

 the Super power 

But we gave to our enemies, the entire power. 
They would killing Muslims this way

These hijackers, murderers, Rapists! 

These living deads with no sense of humanity, 

They would not stop until we decide to start to
support our brothers all around the world. 
_Nana bee_


(Palestine – as Our Hearts bleed)


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