I am a lady

A lady with a scarf wrapped around her head

Drawn to cover her chest

One look at me 

And I already know what you’ll call me

It’s the name every stranger 

Even those familiar give to me

The bikeman, The market woman, 

Someone asking for direction

Anyone trying to get my attention  

The name even you

Will probably call me too


We don’t get to choose our race

Or determine our tribe

But we can choose religion

The constitution made it a right

I am a muslim and I wear Hijab

It represents what I stand for

And a lot more

It is a part of me.

Its my signature of piety.

I am also a law student

Struggling for a degree

Still in the race, I am in part three

In Shaa Allah, soon, Law school here I come 

I’ve heard it’s overwhelming

Yet I Can’t wait for my turn

Classes of over a thousand students

Dinners and presentations

The call to bar and all the celebration


A friend schooling far away

Sent a message about a past Ameerah 

A lady who had passed the bar exam
But was barred from being called to bar

Because she had refused to remove her Hijab.

They say it has always been that way

No caps, no scarfs 

Its just one day.

I’m quite curious about the call to bar process

Does the hair displayed play a role?

Or to what end, what is the goal?
Every religion has its features

In Islam, one of them is the Hijab 

If the constitution allows the practice of religion

Why should any of its features be an exemption?

Being called to bar is being called to war 

A call to represent and defend

A war against any form of transgression

How about we start with this very violation

For the practice of this religion

Involves total submission

It’s a non negotiable commitment

This action is unfair treatment!

A disregard for values

It has to stop ,An abuse!

To every “Oga” at the top 

This is a call to bar every bar

Against the use of hijab during call to bar

Please call ALHAJA to bar! 


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