I am one; I am Funaabite.
And they barged well into my peace
arresting my innocence with charges
of aches and wilderness;
They say I slept with smiles every night
in the days of great sessions,
and to rape joy is to be sentenced
to two semesters of agony!
The peak of all; Black Thursday!
I’m axed and past the heavens in pain.

The beauty is the beast
disguised in human garbs.
So they say; I have been the beauty,
And in waterfalling tears, fears or force…
I am again that will be the beast!
My face is forced to face the east,
The sun and my eyes are loving ends of the magnet.
And what shall become of the ends?
Love? Joy? Conjointness?
Show me the difference please
between ‘Admins’, ‘thieves’ and ‘poLICE’.

They put me off-campus to love my tears;
To love my bereavement, rape and death;
To make my tears into a flowing ocean
that will sink my grades and life
in the fear of every night.
My agony is the plain pain in my complain,
But they muffed their ears; danced to soundless nodes,
See their cabooses meander, like..
the swag of the humourous inferno.
But I laugh not! I am burned!

They put my eyes in the deep of the sun,
Till with the sun my eyes become one,
The pain is painful!
But I’m now the hotness in the sun’s atom,
My body is black and my face; red!
They thought I would live but at all.
Nay! I will die but at all!
Now I want to shine my burn on them,
I want to bless their dark with light.
Dark is evil in peace, Light is justice!
I am the tarantula, the sting in tears;
The crux of awoken slush,
The crush of chameleon mangabeys!
The feeling of left or right in the middle of woes,
I am determination, I am Funaabites!
When front fronts back backs,
And who should shoot the sun but the police.
He shot my eye, he has blinded Funaabites!
Nigerians will tell em all that ‘one eye lost…
is a million selfless ones gained!
The beginning of Justice…
is my depth of call; The witness of law;
The heed of help.

© Ajenifuja A. Abdulalim

Funaabite refers to students of Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB)

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