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POEM: The Unseen Sees

BY Azeezah Olatunde


The doors are shut
The windows are closed
The holes are blocked.



No one sees us
As we gladly delve into
pleasurable filthy acts.



Opposite skins glues their fleshes to each other.
Sending their taqwa on exile.
Inviting shaytan to be their third party.



“No one sees us”
Their maladrous lips moan.
As Iman is swallowed by their desires.



They forgot their creator’s commandment that says
La Taqrabuz Zinā (Do not come near fornication & Adultery)
They never thought of Al Basir, The Unseen who sees them.



Oh sons of Adam
Why fall into this pit?
Why be a victim of this sin?



That birth nothing but indecency
Spreading evils of unwanted pregnancy
Rewarding you with nothing but STDs



Obey His commandment
La Taqrabuz Zinā (Do not come near fornication & adultery)
The solution to the plague of Zina



©Azeezah Olatunde (PenTalks)


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