There is always a first
Followed by a last event
A first smile
And the last frown
Just before the visitors arrival.

The timing is never certain
It comes in the evening
It may be in the morning
Or just at noon
He’s a host of his time yet a visitor to us.

Many dread
Some prepare for it
Others fantasize the moment
The concious believer makes provision for it
Yet it sneaks in unlike a visitor.

Death makes us sad
It causes some to shed tears
It causes the heart to grieve
Causes the body to shiver
Even though its a known visitor.

It will come
Maybe tomorrow
Maybe next year
Or few seconds more
But it must come
Prepare for your visitor!

To all departed souls
May Allah forgive
To the living souls
May we achieve
So we wontbe filled with grief.

Princess Bushrah Olagunju
Motivational Speaker/Author

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