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POEM: This Is How It Starts


Ibraheem Ahmad

I’m not here by myself
Though I’m here for myself
I’m striving, Alhamdulillah
And I pray His Love I gain.
Sudden, like the rain of joy
I found myself a jewel
amongst uncountable pebbles,
Some feel they shine
They soak my flesh in brine
In the media, my right of pride, maligned
While some are stinkingly muddy
Shame to the world of stones.
It seems fine but crazy
Mocking the order of The One
who I’m here to serve, He commanded:
“Cover yourself, for you’re a jewel of divine”
A diamond rear to find
Not a stone from a shrine
…… It seems fine but crazy
Those rags you wear are sully.
My dear sister in Allah
See how beautiful you are
In heart and face like her,
Hawwa, our mother was shy
She was created from and for a bone
But, shy for her nude was … Oh No
even that was for Adam, her spouse…
You get it! She walks not in damaged blouse.
Be happy, you are a bona fide child of mum
Hawwa, she came and set a standard
Though the _Libās Of Taqwa_ is the best
But this is how it starts.
Ibraheem Ahmad


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