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POEM: To be or not to be

By Bushrah Olagunju

Let me be heard

Let my voice be seen

I am a girl child with ambitions

I do not seek recognition

Because I’m one on a mission
Let my place not be relegated

Let my relevance not be underestimated

I birth nations

I nurture giants in regions

Being a woman is a status I cherish in a million.
Let no girl live in bondage

Let no woman suffer in marriage

The thought of a miscarriage

Is never the wish of a woman in old age

For the status of a woman is sacrilege.
To all the women out there

Struggling to be here 

At the same time there

As a daughter,wife or a mother

Know that life is fair.
The joys of childhood

The fears of womanhood

The tears of motherhood

Is the bond of sisterhood

That makes the best of you!
A Muslim woman that I am

It’s the best of status that can be

Being a Muslimah on the Deen

Respected and honoured,so it is

Being a Muslimah is the best deal
Princess Bushrah Olagunju

(Motivational Speaker/Author)


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