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POEM: Valentine’s day?

Valentine’s day that cannot stop the feud between Israel and Palestine?

Valentine’s day that cannot end the war in Syria?

Valentine’s day that cannot stop racism?

Valentine’s day that we have been celebrating that never stopped war from eluding our peace?

Valentine’s day that has not solved the divorce rate in Europe and the world as a whole?

Valentine’s day that has ruined the life of many young ladies?

Valentine’s day that has led to many unwanted babies?

Valentine’s day that I can easily celebrate everyday?

Oh Mankind, where are we heading to?

Would you set a day aside called “FOOD DAY” just like Valentine’s day?

You give excuses that Yes, we can show love everydaybut this day is a special love day.

Whereas the specialty is a result of your own action and this special love can be shown everyday.

I’ll give the same excuse to celebrate food day. Yes, we can eat food everyday but this food day would be for special eating, right?

Let us celebrate “Sleeping day”. Though we sleep, many people don’t sleep due to Job or some other factors, so let’s set aside a day so we can sleeeeeeeeep.

I can’t stop the celebration of Valentine’s day but we can be informed.

To those Muslims who are celebrating but they know they should not, ask yourself..

Those who did Yesterday, where are they today?

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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