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POEM: We Murdered The Pristine Islam

BY Azeezah Olatunde


Oh yes, I remember the tales of
Sohābahs that were obsessed with
the worship of Allah.
Today’s generation are obsessed with keypads,
Facebook sucks the time for Tasbīh.

Instagram recites Tahmīd with its ring tone,
Oh! Takbir was forgotten for twitter.
Also, Adhkār can’t impede them from night’s WhatsApp.
We bereaved our hearts from Dhikr.

The youths killed the peace.
When we are disinclined to propagate Islam like Mus’ab did,
but choose to go on errands for Shaytān spreading evils and bad omen.
Where is the spirit of the pristine Islam?

We soiled the pristine Islam,
When emotion is dropped during Qur’an recitation,
But comes at it apogee when Rihanna is on stage.
Qur’an is left on the shelve enveloped with dust.
Where’s today’s Abubakr?

Oh sons of Adam!
We neglect our purpose as mentioned in Zariyyāt
We bow not to Allah’s commands
but to our desires
Embracing the wills of the cursed.

And when in need we rush to Ar Razzāq
Then seek for forgiveness with no sign of remorse.
Out of His mercy, we still swim in His Blessings.
Still we never repent!
Where’s Umar bn Kattab of today?

We modernized Islam to suit our desires.
Dragging haram to be halalified.

Is this the prophetic teachings?
Why think fasting makes you unhealthy?
Why say Hajj is an act of lavishment?
Why claim charity is a waste of wealth?

©Azeezah Olatunde (PenTalks)


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