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POEM: Why We Live to Die?

By Kamoru Sodiq

Had it been
Death a call
To glory

Had it been
Death is the cessation
To hustle and bustle

Had it been
Death is the lasting
Opium of the masses

Had it been
Death is an honour
To atemporal bliss

Had it been
Death the price for heroism
Then let the living Envy the dead.

We die
To pay the death toll
We die
To let live

We die
To pass to the great beyond
We die
To harvest our actions and inactions

We die
To live the realms of life
And afterlife.

We die
To toil the darkness
Of womb and tomb.
We die
To experience mysteries
Of life and death

We die
To record born and burial day
We die
To wail the trauma of passage
And departure.
We die
To peril and perish

Life predates
And will outlive
Life is this race
With a finish line

Dying at youth or old age
Is immaterial
Death is natural
And universal

No immunity
From the inevitable
It is the tsunami
No one can afford

One day we shall cease
To exist
Only the good deeds
Will remain eternal

We live to die
Because we die
To live forever.


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