Following a report by the iWitness NG over the alleged beating of a Muslim lady by a preacher with Winners Chapel, the Police Division at Moore, Ile-Ife has invited the parties involved.

The iWitness NG gathered that the Divisional Police Officer invited the preacher including her pastor and the allegedly assaulted Muslim lady with the Imam of the community, Samshudeen Toliah and Chairman of the community, Alhaji S.O. Balogun.

They were invited for a meeting on Tuesday at the Police Division in Moore.

During the meeting, it was learnt that the Muslim faithful asked the police to ensure proper documentation of the case.

It was also gathered that the Muslim lady assaulted, identified as Shakira, was absent at the meeting with the DPO.

Earlier, the Osun State Police Command confirmed that a case of a preacher with the Winners Chapel Church beating a Muslim lady for refusing to accept Jesus was reported at its Moore Division on Saturday evening.

The confirmation was made by the Police Public Relations Officer of Osun Command, Ajibade Egbedele, during a telephone conversation on Monday evening.

Ajibade said, “The community head and DPO already intervened and the issue has been amicably resolved.”

When our correspondent also visited the church where the preacher came from at Winners Chapel Ajebamdele, Ile-Ife, the pastor said, “We have resolved the matter. The issue was between two females and the preacher didn’t know initially that she was talking to a Muslim,” he said.

On her part, the preacher said, “In every rumour, there must be an element of truth. But it is not all what they said happened that really happened.”

Both the pastor and the alleged preacher refused to give their names when asked.

The victim, Shakirah, lamented that she was embarrassed with the incident.

“It was so embarrassing and painful,” she added.

Speaking on the development, the Imam of the closest mosque to the incident, Samshudeen Toliah, urged police and the public to warn preachers against such act.

He narrated that “We even have one man that sometimes come to the front of the mosque to preach in the morning when we want to pray. Even when we are praying, he keeps shouting to distract us on salat. This is unfair and we want it to stop.”

The iWitness NG had exclusively reported that a preacher with the Winners Chapel Church at Adesanmi area of Ile-Ife, Osun State on Saturday August 13 beat a Muslim lady for refusing to accept Jesus.

It was learnt that the Christian evangelist had gone to the compound of the Muslim lady to preach when she beat her.

According to eyewitnesses, the Hijab lady refused to come out when the preacher initially knocked on her door.

The iWitness NG gathered that after the Hijab sister was lobbied to come out of the room, she was allegedly cursed and subsequently beaten.

A resident of the area narrated, “It happened on Saturday morning in our hostel. There is one Hajia that stays in my compound. We just saw blood all over her face with a lot of marks.

“What happened was that someone came to preach to her to accept Christ and attend a church programme and she rejected. The preacher was shouting from outside but Hajia told her that she wasn’t interested. Hajia later told her that she is a Muslim.

“Instead of the preacher to leave her alone, she intensified the preaching and kept shouting. Hajia later came out in her Muslim cloth (Jalbab). When the preacher saw her in full Muslim gown, she started abusing her the more that ‘I don’t know it is people like you, you this masquerade, you better accept christ as your lord and saviour or you will go to hell fire’.”

“The Hajia got vexed and went inside back. Yet, the preacher did not leave. Hajia had to come out for the second time to ask the preacher to leave her alone. Yet, the preacher still didn’t leave. As Hajia wanted to return to her room, the preacher dragged Hajia close to her and started hitting her to accept Christ. Hajia face was later filled with blood and marks.”

Another neighbour explained that despite being injured, Hajia ran after the preacher but was persuaded by some Christians.

He added, “I saw Hajia running after the preacher. The preacher held a girl with her but later told the girl to run to church. After a while, the preacher entered a house and Hajia still followed her. In the house, the preacher ran into a room but Hajia insisted she comes out. She shouted until people in the house came out. They saw Hajia injured and pleaded with her.”

However, it was gathered that the Imam of a ratibi (small) mosque at Olubuse Street, Ile-Ife later intervened.

When he intervened, the imam, it was learnt traced the Church of the preacher in the company of a police officer.

“When they got to the Church, they didn’t meet the preacher. Members of the church initially said they didn’t know her until Hajia pointed to the girl that the woman came with to her house.

“They later called their pastor, who apologised on the lady’s behalf,” Muhammed, one of the Muslims at Olubuse Street added.

The iWitness NG also gathered that the case was reported at the Moore Police Station, Ile-Ife and the Chairman of Oduduwa Estate Community, Alhaji Balogun also intervened.

When iWitness NG correspondent went to observe Ishai in a mosque at Oduduwa Estate, Olubuse Street on Sunday, the imam said, “As an update, we have resolved the matter. We were at the Police station this evening and the Christians agreed that they were faulty, pleaded with us and paid the hospital bill for the treatment of the Muslim lady injured.”

A police officer at Moore Police Station, who pleaded anonymity, confirmed the incident.

The officer said the affected Muslim lady identified as Shakira studies at the Faculty of Education, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

“We have resolved the issue and proper settlement already took place,” the officer said.

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