By Lekan Raji, Lagos

THE Chief Imam of University of Lagos (UNILAG) Central Mosque, Prof. Muritala Bidmush, has emphasised the need for Islamic societies to work together to achieve a common goal.

He noted that the need for unity of Muslims at the umpteenth time is expedient because Islam and Muslims have been victims of coordinated attacks globally.

This was the import of the sermon delivered by the cleric after leading a congregation in a two-rakat prayer marking this year’s Ei’d-u-l-Adha at the university.

Calling for the unity of Muslims in the country and globally, Bidmus said, “Islam is one, desist from all activities that tend to divide it.”

The professor of Islamic Studies expressed optimism that if Muslims were united and work in collaboration, more results would be achieved at a fast pace.

Pointing out that in unity lies the strength of Muslims, the varsity don urged the Muslims to accommodate one another in areas of differences.

He said, “We should come together to solve the problems ravaging us one after the other.

“It’s important to note that Islamic societies are trying their best in the country, but pulling resources together makes us to achieve more and faster.”

He recalled that the Prophet (peace be upon him), recognised the significance of unity of Muslims when he paired the migrants from Makkah with the residents of Madina, a development that, he said, made the then Muslims remain as a solid and undivided structure.

Speaking on when the tide turned against the Muslims, he said, “This stride remained until during the Crusade war which lasted for 250 years when the Eastern and Western Europe united against the force of the muslims.”

Before the massacre, he submitted that Muslims greatly achieved as a united front establishing outstanding universities in the world then in Cairo, Spain, Bagdad and North Africa.

He lamented that all the prestige and glories were lost when Muslims began to see themselves differently. 

“Do not capitalize on the imperfection of any Muslim. Let us learn to accommodate people in a good manner. Therefore, I call for the unity of Muslims in order to move the nation forward,” Bidmus adm‎onished.

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