Born 70 years ago, Prof Ishaq Lakin Akintola is an unapologetic academician, human rights activist, defender of the voiceless, voice of the oppressed and peace advocate per excellence. It is often said that golden fish has no hidden place, the parable fits no other selfless Jihadist in Nigeria than the founder and executive director of MUSLIM RIGHTS CONCERN (MURIC), Ishaq Lakin Akintola, a citizen of Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria, a man who feels oppressed until the weaklings are emancipated, who feels naked until Muslims are treated as bonafide citizens of Nigeria in all ramifications and who feels unsafed until all mankind feel secured in an egalitarian society.

Akintola’s sojourn in life kick-started as student of Arabic and Islamic Studies in Ile-Ife, at Ma’hd Elekurọ Ibadan, at the Nigerian Premier University, Ibadan, Al-Azhar University Cairo, Egypt and at the University of Ilorin and other citadels of learning across the world
He’s an astute scholar, an Arabist cum Islamist, a historian of repute, a community man, an Islamic eschatologist and above all, a Muslim rights activist.

Call him a fearless individual you are not off the track, Akintola adorns his knowledge with exemplary leadership in deed and kind. He justly fought the power to be in academics and politics, mingles with Muslims in low and high ranks for Allah’s sake and contributes his quota to the emancipation of oppressed Muslims in Nigeria and beyond. No wonder he was turbaned “Kinihun Adinni- The Lion of Religion” and known as “the nightmare for oppressors” far and near.

He’s not a Nigerian politician, but, his pen and voice straighten the polity and unsettle selfless politicians whose policies are not people-oriented. His believe in equity and justice is second to none.

Akintola is a rare gem, a truthful and straightforward scholar who combined academic with Jihadism and community service. To his credit by Allah’s grace, he mentored hundreds of students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and produced nine (9) PhD graduates, a rare feat accomplished by someone whose academic gowns and chairs did not blindfolded him in fighting for justice and fairness.

Ask Late Beko Ransome Kuti who Akintola is, Chief Femi Falana and other human rights activists would tell you how steel Akintola has being against oppressors, the bias media entities in Nigeria would educate you how Akintola bursted all their evil stratagems against Muslims and Nigerian Citizens, and the haters of Muslims in both private and public entities would never obliterate Akintola’s repudiation against their illegal acts from their memories.

Muslims in Nigeria and beyond and lovers of peace and justice are celebrating Prof Ishaq Lakin Akintola, a righteous Muslim who clocks 70 on earth as he bows out of service as lecturer of Islamic Studies, Islamic eschatology and da’wah methodologies at the prestigious Lagos State University (LASU), Lagos Nigeria after thirty-nine (39) meritorious and productive years. In LASU, the chronicles of his opposition against Students and Muslims’ oppression is of note. The Friday examination saga that later culminated in his authorship of a book titled ” _The Friday Question” still remains fresh in the hearts of truth seekers. His book ” _Shari’ah in Nigeria, an Eschatological Dealsderatum_ ” authored over two decades ago is a reference of his scholarship in the face of oppression.

What else could a Muslim pray for than to expend his life in the service of ALLAH and the advancement of a just, peaceful and advanced society without fears or favour as Akintola has fulfilled his entire life with. The Muslims in all works of life are praying and celebrating the incorruptible Akintola for being a selfless, fearless, courageous, mentor of mentors, an Islamic preacher, human rights activist and defender of the poor. We pray that Almighty Allah will enrich him with good health, halal wealth, protection, long life and prosperity and above all, Allah’s mercy and good ending. Allahuma Aaamin.

Congratulations to Prof Ishaq Lakin Akintola!!!

Busari Jamiu Muhammad Ademola (PhD, PGDE, CIBF) writes from Lagos, Nigeria. He’s the Chairman of MURIC, Lagos State Chapter and the National Missionary Officer of Al-Haqq Al-Mubeen Society of Nigeria (HAQMUB), Lagos Nigeria.


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