A time far away
Yet as close as yesterday
A memory so bleak
But its chains don’t seem a bit weak

They were killed like they don’t matter
Harassed beyond platters
Butchered before their kinfolks
With wails resounding like ringtones

3 years ago
Like 3 minutes ago
Innocent souls repose
Like life’s strokes for remorse

The day marks a dark one
But each minute envelopes darker turns
Some ‘missing’ still are missing
With their families left in unmeasured grieving

You don’t even give a flinch
But a wince you will let go the moment you get a pinch
Your headaches leave you horrid
But their heartaches make you placid

Their horrors should be yours too
Their pain I should feel too
For the hearts of Muslims are to be gummed with glue
Rather than ripped apart like an untied broom

Aisha Harun (Nana bee)
August, 2016

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