As Ramadan is fast approaching, Al- Abrar Islamic Foundation has urged Muslims to provide adequate support to Muslim clerics in charge of spiritual exercises in the mosques for the betterment of the society.

Speaking during the foundation’s yearly lecture, prayer and thanksgiving tagged ‘ Al-ABRAAR 2023’, the Naqeebul Ashraaf, sirrul Ajddaad and wazeer Sidiqin Asalaty, Sheikh Hamad Rufai Solaty, urged Nigerians to remain fervent in prayers for the peace of the nation. He also enjoined adherents to prioritise charity.

Political, religious and traditional personalties graced the event. They Include the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Transportation, Engr. Hafeez Toriola and Engr. Abdul Waheed Raji Adeniyi.

The founder of the foundation, Sheikh Adam Adebayo, lamented that Muslims are quick to renovate mosques in preparation for the holy month, while neglecting its custodians. “What is the essence of refurbishing the mosque during the Holy month of Ramadan, while the life of the custodian of the mosque is not transformed?

“Lets us ensure that the Imams and Alfas are well taken care of, they are the ones in charge of all spiritual exercises, including daily prayers, Tafsir, Taraweeh, Tahajud and others,” Adebayo charged the faithful.

He faulted the saying that the prophet has a job during his life and wonder how today’s clerics rely only on their spiritual duties? “The Holy Prophet (SAW) worked only before attaining prophethood and immediately he attained the position of prophethood, he never engaged in any business again, “he explained.

Adebayo sought the support of Muslims in contributing generously to the society’s ongoing mosque project in Ogun State, noting that apart from Orilemo Central mosque, there is no other mosque in the area.

“I seek for your kind support to donate towards the project, we are reaching out to the entire Muslim Ummah to come and support the viable project. This mosque would be a milestone if achieved.”

The guest speaker, Cheif Imam White house Ibara housing Estate, Abeokuta, Dr. Abdul Razzaq Ajibade Adeoye, while delivering a lecture on ‘Judaism, Christianity and Islam the missing link’, said the Holy Prophet (SAW) was forced out of Mecca because he wanted to liberate people from slavery. “The prophet (SAW) launched the most powerful economic system the world has ever known. The reason he was forced out is not that he ask to pray salat or fast during the Holy month of Ramadan.”
He noted that the holy prophet decided to bring liberation through the introduction of Aqeedah, which Muslims so much neglect today.

“The reason Islam is the fastest growing religion in the western world is that they believe Islam can liberate the world and it will come to pass to rule the world.”
He noted that with the way Muslims of today are going about things, it might be difficult to achieve liberation.

“The way things are going, if we are not careful, liberation might not get to us because most of the methods devised by the holy prophet to get people liberated are being rejected by Muslims of today. “We keep on bragging that the majority of the useful inventions were invented by Muslims but the method they used to achieve this success regarded as not Islamic by today’s Muslims. If we are not careful, we may end up being irrelevant in the society.”

He advised Muslims to prioritise charity as it is the fastest way to be liberated from poverty.

“The prophet taught us that if you want to be wealthy, intensify your act of charity. Those that are rich engage more in charity to increase their wealth. If you are ready to alleviate yourself from poverty, you must endeavour to prioritise charity. Give all that you have to Allah and see what Allah will do in return, ” he said.

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