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Ramadan: LASU Chief Imam urges Muslims on good manners

As Muslims prepare for the month of Ramadan, an Islamic cleric has charged faith adherents to lead a life of righteousness.

The Chief Imam of the Lagos State University (LASU) Mosque, Dr. Moshood Salisu, gave the charge during his Jumaát sermon on Friday.

He said that righteousness, in the sight of Allah, was more than just observing the five pillars of Islam.

“The five pillars of Islam, namely – faith, five daily prayers; zakat (charity), fasting and pilgrimage – are basic for all Muslims.

“But the concept of righteousness extends beyond those pillars.

“It equally has to do with good manners and consciousness of Allah,” he said.

Salisu, also a lecturer in the Department of Religious and Peace Studies at LASU, urged Muslims to increase their acts of righteousness and make conscious effort to shun sin.

“Allah enjoins Muslims to keep their duties to him.

“We are encouraged to converge to promote righteousness and discouraged to converge to promote sin or revolt,’’ he said. 

The Chief Imam enjoined Muslims to make adequate spiritual and psychological preparation for fasting during month of Ramadan. 

“In about a fortnight from now, the Ramadan fast will commence. 

“Muslims should make adequate preparation for the month, and be prepared to increase their acts of worship and righteousness.

“Ramadan is a good opportunity to win and increase favours of Allah and Muslims are encouraged to approach the month with enthusiasm and great expectations,” he said.


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