Ibaadah Kit Mobile App

Ramadan is few days away and here is one application that could help you to maximise your rewards. You won’t just want to miss not downloading it before the special month! 
The Ibaadah Kit Mobile Appwhich is developed by a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, Yusuf Jimoh, works on different Android versions.
With over 1000 downloads within its few months of market entry, the Ibaadah Kit Mobile App performs lots of unique functions among which are:
1. It displays time in textual Arabic for every minute:  So, you can look up to the time anywhere you are in the world and tell the time in Arabic. Isn’t that cool?

 2. It reads the present clock time of anywhere you are in the world and tells you what you need to do as a Muslin in terms of ibadah at that particular time.
As at the time this is being typed, it is 9:13am and when launching the App, it displays something like ” It is time for solatul duha”. 

It also adds Hadiths and other virtues of duha.  Assuming you launched the app around 12 midnight, it would tell you to prepare for Tahajud and also teaches you the dua’a of the prophet (Peace be upon him) does before Tahajud. At every point in time, the App informs and guides you on a legitimate Ibaadah (act of worship) to engage in. You like that right?

 3. It chants short dhikr (remembrance of Allah every hour and half an hour).  You will love this particular feature, no matter how engrossed you could be on the internet or social media with your phone, once you have enabled the auto audio adhkar, you hear sounds like “Astagfurllah, Subhanallah Wabihamdhi, Allahu Akbar  and many more from the app. All you need do is to repeat the adhkar once your phone picks. Thus, this helps you to chant adhkar at least twice in an hour and makes your soul not completely detached from Allah while fiddling your phone. Very cool right?

4. It has the cool theme settings that allows you to choose theme colors and add more aesthetic views to your taste.

Recently, the Ibaadah Kit Mobile App got new and fantastic features.


  • New design User Interface
  • Ibaadah updates in real time
  • Auto Athkar Audio enhancement 
  • Arabic time typographical errors fixed
  • Integration of Fasting and Jumah reminder in real time
  • New fascinating screen font integrated
  • Malware threat fixed


Download here 

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