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READ emotional acceptance speech by new MSSN-OAU Amir


Acceptance statement by Kamoru Sodiq, Amir, MSSN OAU Branch February 18, 2018

In the name of Allah. The lord of universe. The giver of dominion. Blessing and salutation upon noble prophet Muhammad (SAW), his household, his companions and those who follow them in righteousness till the last day. Amin.

I humbly and gratefully accept your appointment as the Amir MSSN-OAU. I am extremely grateful to God for this day and this moment. I am truly humbled that the shuura committee in its reserved wisdom has so clearly chosen me to lead the Great Ife Muslim students. The official announcement made this last juma’h service was the moment the vast majority of the Muslim students on campus had hoped and been waiting for. Today, power is changing hands. We shall faithfully serve to the best of our ability.

Today is a historic day. It marks an important milestone in our quest towards a balance and matured society. Every passing year, we are gathered here to perform the constitutional and orderly transfer of power. This is a duty and trust we owe our dear beloved society (MSSNOAU). But today, we are not just merely transferring power from one administration to another, we are taking the power and giving it back to you, the people. This is your project. It belongs to you all.

It is an open secret to say that MSSN-OAU has been on the wrong side of history for a decade now. Students are uniting and dividing themselves. Unity and trust has become scarce commodity. Things appeared bleak and the atmosphere is heavy with uncertainties. We are conscious of the fact that these are trying times. We could see those dividing lines. We understand the imperativeness of reconciliation and restoration of togetherness and confidence at this point in time.

Many things have happened in the past. Let us put the past behind us. We must forget our old wounds and learn to forge ahead. We pledge that this regime is one that will listen to and embrace. What we desire for the society extends to all. Today’s handing over however represents the fourth transition. Luckily we are not starting from scratch. We are fortunate to have been led in the past three years by our great Amirs.

On behalf of great Ife republic, I salute your vision, courage and boundless sacrifices towards that united, balance and progressive society.

Many may find it hard to believe now, but before the general concern is to have a true and recognized MSSN OAU body. Today we are talking about our potentials. That is a measure of how far we have come and I am committing myself and my capable team to that task, In Sha Allah. Over the years, there was too much uneasiness in the land. Students are complaining, structures are collapsing and good old days are becoming bitter memory. This time around we need to reflect and restrategize.

We are not oblivion of the challenges ahead. We know the pains and agonies students are passing through at this point in time. We understand the age long conspiracy bedeviling Muslims on campus. We will work to alleviate these ills with everything necessary and possible. On the hall mosques closure, we would connect appropriate quarters to get the mosques opened as soon as possible as we can.

Here, I want to thank the entire Shuura committee members and its chairman for a job well done. My special thank goes to our chief Imam, Professor Abubakar Abefe Sanusi. He has been able to sail the community through the good and bad days. Your prayer is answered. My special appreciation also goes to our own Prof. Rahman. You remain the happiest person in a day like this. I would also like to appreciate our distinguished staff advisers; Dr Sururah Bello and Dr Abdul Waheed Bamgbade.

I owe debt to all that came before me. On this note, We want to thank the outgoing Amir Abideen Okunade and its excecutive members for their selflessness towards the growth of the society. Former Amir Yunus, the first Amir, we appreciate your forthrightness. Former Amir Akeem Idowu, the last man standing, your name in the MSSN OAU history is written in gold. Keep up the good work. The legacy must not die.

We also wish to thank all our honorable central mosque Imams, the entire Obafemi Awolowo Muslim community; our elders and lecturers, the ever-supportive Unifemga, MSSN Ife Central branch, MSSN Osun State Area Unit, MSSN BZONE, MSSN National, IFE Muslim community, Osun State Muslim community, Islamic Organizations, Other Muslim bodies on campus, various Muslim faculty groups and heads, the generality of Obafemi Awolowo University Muslim students at large and every well meaning stakeholders.

The entire Obafemi Awolowo University managements, we really appreciate your support. We would open our doors and hands to viable and innovative ideas to take the community to the next level.

We seek for the cooperation and support of all. We shall strive to make MSSN OAU great again.

Thank you for your attention. God bless MSSN OAU.

Kamoru Sodiq
2017/2018 session


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