In the thickness of blustering wind,
Winding your thoughts to the hollow path. Don’t reply with panicking, Replay the damping moments.

And when the heat from the sun becomes intense, clawing the skin with fierce piercing. Don’t reply with fear, replay the mildly windy moments you had enjoyed.

In a situation when your intestines capture themselves in turmoil due to hunger, don’t reply with anger, replay the flourished moments of meals you have had in the past.

When life becomes boring, replay the moments of you doing amazing things when you were less qualified to do so. Remember the joy of lending a hand,causing someone to smile and healing a wound.

There is always a moment to be thankful for;moments of miraculous Ecstasy, moments of joy we did not ask for, the beautiful moments we found ourselves standing tall when we were actually meant to be crawling. The moments we impacted positively into people’s lives and happiness beamed on their faces.

Don’t delete these moments, save them carefully in your heart, replay them. It helps;It helps you and it helps your well-being. Let your memories be blessings to your present. There is always an opportunity of a Lemonade in Lemon.

Princess Bushrah Olagunju
( Motivational Speaker/ Author)

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