May the Peace and Benediction of Allah continue to be upon the noble prophet Muhammad (SAW), his household, companions and all Muslims till the Last Day.

On behalf of the President, Alhaji (Engr.) Kamil Abayomi Bolarinwa and the National Executive Council, we write to officially inform our members in branches and groups that Alhaji Abdullahi Gbade Akinbode voluntarily stepped down as the Chief Missioner of our Society with effect from Friday April 28, 2017. The notice of his disengagement was received by the Secretariat on Friday, 28th April, 2017, addressed to the General Secretary and dated 27th April 2017.

We also wish to use this opportunity to inform you that in line with the provisions of our constitution, Alhaji Maroof Abdul-Azeez Onike, the most senior member of our Mission Board, has since been appointed to act as Acting Chief Missioner for six months. During this period, the Society is expected to appoint a substantive Chief Missioner. We acknowledge the immense contributions of Alh Abdullah Akinbode to the growth and development of the Society and wish him the best in his future endeavours.

Following rumor of his intension to step down as Chief missioner in December 2016, the President, the Board of Trustees Chairman and its representatives, the Chairman, National Council of Elders; all met him at different times for confirmation and possibly to convince him against taking that path. He actually confirmed that the information was true and painfully, all their effort to convince him yields no positive result as he insisted on leaving the society.

We equally involved well meaning Nigerian and Islamic scholars to intercede on our behalf. Those involved were Professor Isaq Oloyede (Secretary, Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs), Professor Bidmus , UNILAG (the Chief Imam of, and a lecturer in the department of Islamic Studies), Dr. Misbaudeen Junaid (UNILAG), Sheikh Robiu Adebayo (Baba loworo), Sheik Muideen Ajani Bello and Dr. Idiat Adebule, the Deputy Governor of Lagos State.

The President make a personal visit to Amir Muslim of Nigeria, His Eminence, Alhaji Saad Abubakar, the Sultan of Sokoto and Chairman, Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs to seek for his intervention and it is rather unfortunate that all theses effort did not produce positive result as Alhaji Abdulahi Akinbode refuse to back down on his decision to leave.

At a meeting held on 25th December, 2016 between organs of NASRULAHI-L-FATIH SOCIETY (NASFAT) and the former Chief Missionary (CM), Alhaji Abdullah Gbade Akinbode, he made following declaration and it is only its fulfilment by the society will make him rescind his decision;


– The Board of Trustees, National Council of Elders, and National Executive Council as presently constituted should be dissolved and merge into a body of Hawlur-Rassul (those who surround the Prophet in the cause of Allah).

– the Zones of the Society should be dissolved immediately

– Both (i) and (ii) above should be merged and totally submit to the authority of the Chief Missioner.


– An Executive Secretary should be employed to head the Secretariat to manage the Headquarters and Zones directly as approved by the Chief Missionary

– 1/5 (20%) of all collections at Asalatu and other functions should be paid directly to the Chief Missionary

– Alh. Kamil Abayomi Bolarinwa should serve as the first signatory to the Society account. Other signatories to be appointed by the Chief Missionary

– Meetings of the ‘Hawlur-Rassul’ should be held at the instance of the Chief Missionary

– The Constitution of the Society should be proscribed and the Society should be run by the Quran and the Hadith only;

– The tenure and retirement age as stated in the constitution should not be applicable to him.

While we are willing to seek for amicable solution to his demand, the office of the President has written to him that the tenure issue in reference is not applicable to him. And now that he want age 70 retirements removed, we unanimously agreed to the request.

However, we find it difficult to proscribe the constitution as it is compulsory for all not-for-profit organization to register with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with an approved constitution. The constitution to be submitted must also list the Trustee. The CAC registration requirement for not-for profit organization also include separation of different organs of administration. This is a requirement of the law which is beyond us. All these were explain to him but he refuse to see our plight.

After an exhaustive deliberation, it was mutually agreed at this meeting that in line with the Quran, the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and Articles 41 and 42 of NASFAT Constitution, both parties (i.e. Alhaji Abdullah Akinbode and the Society) will subject the dispute declared by him to an Arbitration Panel for possible resolution. We mutually agreed to nominate two Muslims each to the panel, while Professor Isaq Oloyede, the Secretary General for Supreme Council for Islamic affairs will serve as the Chairman of the panel.

On April 28, 2017, the secretariat received a notice of disengagement from the Society, three days to the foundation laying ceremony of NASFAT Mosque project at Aseese Land. The notice was shocking but as a Muslim, we have to forge ahead praying for Allahs guidance in all our activities. The President and Chairman, National Executive Council (NEC) has accepted his letter in good faith.

Alhamdullah, we are happy to inform you that all the stakeholders from the Board of Trustees, Council of Elders, National Executive Council, National Mission Board, Women Management Committee, Youth Wing and the entire congregation have resolved to put the whole issue behind us and move on in our dawah and service to Allah through Nasfat.

The President is hereby directing you provide necessary leadership in your various Zones and branches throughout the period.

We pray that Almighty Allah to continue to strengthen us in our divine service to humanity through the path of Al-Islam. Allahuma Aameen.

Wajamu Rasulu Llah Laa yatashaathu

Ma’a Salaam

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