By: Mar’yam Thawbaan

WE live in a world where the wrong is the norm, a world where children have become tools of shaytaan, where children have lost all sense of modesty and morality and where the parents are either helpless or nonchalant about the situation. 

However, how can we ensure that our child(ren) are not amongst the children of this chaotic world? How can we make them the best among their peers and also make them grow up with the fear of God? Why do we need to make them fall among the righteous ones described in the Quran?

These are the questions that ought to be on Muslim parents’ mind. In order not to fail their children and guarantee them a good life. 

Here are some of the reasons why a Muslim should ask the above questions, and also to pray for a righteous child.

ℹ – A righteous child would guarantee the parents’admission into paradise. Following the report of the prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be with him), where he gave glad tidings to the Father who is able to marry off two of his daughters successfully. 

ℹ – It is also important to pray for a righteous child because it is a way to secure the child’s future and hereafter. 

ℹ – A righteous child would be a pride for his family, religion and society at large. 

ℹ – Praying for a righteous child is also very important as such children grow up to be God-fearing citizens of their state. 

ℹ – Furthermore, parents need to pray for a righteous child as that would ensure that they also raise the next generation in a righteous manner. 

ℹ – More so, A righteous child would help to keep parents minds at ease at all times. 

ℹ – Righteous children would not become a source of societal chaos, hence parents need to pray to have them. 

ℹ – A righteous child would grow up to become fair and just in his dealings if he finds himself in a powerful position in the future. 

ℹ – Righteous children are progressive drivers of the society, when they’re young and when they’re grown up. 

ℹ – In conclusion, righteous children grow up to become good ambassadors of Islam, and that is all Islam need in this time of chaos and terrorism across the globe. 

Therefore, parents and parents to be should endeavour to always pray to Allah to bestow upon them righteous offsprings. 

“Rabbana ablana min la dunka zurriyyatan toyyibatan innaka anta semi’u dua”

“our Lord, grant us from you righteous offsprings, verily you are the hearer of our prayers” 

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