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SAD! Crocodile kills fisherman

Australian police pulled the body of a missing spear fisherman from crocodile-infested waters in northern Queensland on Monday, as a local politician renewed calls for a widespread cull of the deadly creatures.

Warren Hughes, 35, went missing on Saturday. His body was found in Palmer Point, just south of where his dinghy was found anchored with his speargun floating nearby.

Police said he had been fishing alone and that initial investigations suggested he had been taken by a large crocodile, which was being hunted by park and wildlife authorities.

It is the second crocodile attack in two days in northern Queensland.

Early Sunday, in a separate incident, a local teen was mauled after he was dared to jump into the crocodile-infested Johnstone River.

The 18-year-old managed to punch the animal with his right arm and escape.

Federal parliamentarian Bob Katter from Queensland called for a cull before more people were killed.

“There’s no question they’ve got to be culled, nature’s got to be brought back in balance,” Katter told Australian Associated Press on Monday.

“To say to someone living in north Queensland ‘well just be more careful’ that’s a very callous statement.”

Crocodiles, one of the most dangerous animals in Australia, are a protected species in Queensland. Since a hunting ban in 1971, the crocodile population has recovered from near-extinction.


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