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Saudi Arabia holy city of Mecca hit by fierce storm


Bouts of strong wind and severe lightening have invaded the Holy Mecca city in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday.

There were also clips of lightening striking the Grand Mosque as well as the nearby clock tower of the Abraj al-Bait complex, the tallest structure in Saudi Arabia and indeed fourth in the world.

Several footages of videos of the storm carrying humans, bins and garbage and other valuable items flew around the global internet space yesterday evening.

According to videos on social media, the most affected were Pilgrims who were attempting to circumbulate the Holy Temple (Kaabah) but had to run for their lives for safety as the wind swept their feet off the ground.

Prior to this natural disaster, the Saudi Arabia National Centre for Meteorology had warned against unnecessary outing across the city of Jeddah and Mecca especially that evening with the authority citing speeds in the Mecca region were as speedy as a 83kilometers per hour.

However, no casualties have been recorded although rumour has it that one man has died from the stormy weather.


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