It’s nauseating that some people still disbelieve in the veracity of the blazing fire. Thence, they swim in the sea of transgression, as if they won’t return to Allah for recompense. When one informs (and counsels) them of the evil implications of their doings, they will say; “Please, don’t just be judgmental” or “Have you seen Hell before?” See! The ‘seeing is believing’ theory has no place in in this issue. We don’t see air, yet we believe it exists. So, what’s the point? In all honesty, it from ‘Eeman (Belief) that we believe in the reality of Hell, its disgraceful evil tormenting pain, and that, it is already in existence for the Fujjar (the wicked, disbelievers, sinners and evil-doers).

However, what does it takes to be an inmate of Hell? And what does Hell looks like? We need to ask such questions, for us not to fall into the pit of disbelief that dooms one to Hell. Allah warns us: “And say: “The truth is from your Lord.” Then, whosoever wills, let him believes, and whosoever wills, let him disbelieves. Verily, We have prepared for the Zalimun (polytheists and wrong-doers, etc.), a Fire whose walls will be surrounding them (disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah). And if they ask for help (relief, water, etc.) they will be granted water like boiling oil that will scald their faces. Terrible the drink, and an evil Murtafaqa (dwelling, resting place, etc.)!”

[Surah Al-Kahf (18): 29]. Evidently, this verse informs us that Hell is already created, as Allah says; “we have prepared for the Zalimun.” I beseech Allah to save us from Disbelief and its implication (which is the Blazing Fire).

By: Umm Affan
Dhul-Qadah 3, 1437 (7-August-2016) a

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