By Sonnie Ekwowusi
Have you bothered for once to peruse through your children’s school textbooks? I know you are a very busy parent working round the clock to put food on the table for your children. I equally know that you have employed some housekeepers to look after your children on your behalf. But I strongly suggest that you should make out a little time this week, even if it is only for ten minutes, to go through the pages of the textbooks used by your children in their respective schools. If you do so, you will likely be scandalized by what you would find inside the textbooks. When you were in secondary school English literature books such as Macbeth, Julius Caesar, Weep Not Child, Things Fall Apart, Zambia Shall be Free, The Man Died, African Child, Akin the Drummer Boy, Mine Boy, The gods are not to blame, Gulliver’s Travels, Around the World in Eighty Days, Allan Quatermain,  King Solomon’s Mine, Eze Goes to School and others, were probably the recommended English literature books.
But let me tell you something that you may find interesting. The world has changed. We now live in a perverse world that lays claim to the soul of your children. Almost all the aforesaid English literature books that were read in your school days have been removed from the curricula and replaced with sex-related textbooks and English literature books. These textbooks and English literature books containing lewd subject-matters have been introduced into the curricula to give the unsuspecting young school pupils the wrong impression that self-control is unnecessary, repressive and an impossibility; that casual sex makes them feel good; that they should engage in casual sex before marriage; that ‘safe sex’ is what to aim for in life provided that they don’t get pregnant. And if they do get pregnant they should procure abortion as soon as possible.
One of the speakers at the Regional World Congress of Families held at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, Victoria Island, Lagos, from March 27 to 29 2017 was Ahmed Akanbi. Ahmed is a parent and a Lagos-based legal practitioner. Midway in his presentation, Ahmed did something which shocked most of the Conference participants. He carefully dipped his hands into his handbag and brought out two English literature books containing some lewd subject-matters and showed them to the participants. He told the participants that the two books were recommended books for primary six pupils in the primary school attended by his daughter. The title of the first book authored by Oyekunle Oyedeji is: Tears of a bride, while the second book written by Queen O. Okweshine bears the title: Precious Child.  According to Ahmed, his 9-year old daughter in Primary 6 came back home from school one day and engaged him in a conversation that bothered on some sex experiences. At first, Ahmed was utterly stunned. But after he had regained his composure he asked his daughter where she learned about those sex experiences. It was then that his daughter opened her mouth and narrated to him how their school teacher has been using the aforesaid two books to teach them how to practice “safe sex” and how to gain sexual pleasure. Ahmed read to the hearing of the participants some sexy portions of the two books. The participants rose to their feet in utter shock.
I have told Ahmed that beyond lamentation a law suit should be brought against the Federal Ministry of Education and others. The rot in Nigerian primary and secondary schools cries to high heavens for cleansing. The Federal Ministry of Education and other education regulatory and supervisory bodies in Nigeria are just too irresponsible. When Obigaeli Ezekwesili was the Education Minister she attempted to cleanse the rot. With the exception of Ezekwesili, no other Education Minister in recent times has done anything to resuscitate our comatose public schools. That explains why the Primary and Secondary school curricula in Nigeria have consistently been corrupted to include textbooks that contain lewd matters and other matters that appeal to the prurient interest in sex. For example, about fifteen years ago, some concerned Lagos parents brought a law suit against the Lagos State Ministry of Education and others at the Federal High Court over the corruption of Integrated Science to include lewd matters such as masturbation, wearing of condoms, teen contraceptives and others. Three years ago, a Lagos-based NGO sued the Federal Ministry of Education and others because  the New School Chemistry for Senior Secondary Schools    By:  Osei Yaw Ababio; Revised by: L. E.S Akpanisi Herbert Igwe ; Modern Biology for Senior Secondary School By:  Sarojini T. Ramalingam, revised by  Lucy I    Akunwa and J.BC Obidiwe and the New School Physics for Senior Secondary By: M. W Anyakoha PhD used in many secondary schools in Nigeria were smeared with the following watermark inscriptions: “I know that My Mother is a harlot and that my Father is a Kidnapper”,“I am a son/daughter of a  Harlot and kidnapper”, “I confess that my Family is bad, Evil, and a Disgrace to the Nation”, “My Parents Taught me how to love and smoke Indian Hemp, to kill and practice illegal things”.  There is also another book titled: Zumji and Uchennaallegedly used in Lagos schools which contained lurid sex stories and pictures aimed at making secondary school pupils sexually active. Even Mathematics and Social Science textbooks used in many Nigerian secondary schools have been corrupted to include lewd matters in order to sexualize the young students.
The rain that is beating us in Nigeria seems unstoppable simply because we don’t even know where the rain started beating us. We may be searching for a scapegoat at the National Assembly or in government circles forgetting that the most insidious irreparable damage is done in the life of our children who are supposed to be leaders of tomorrow. Yesterday the ample evidence of sexualization included the TV, music videos, movies, mobile phones and the Internet. Today it is the school and the school teacher. Even some parents regretfully contribute to the sexualization of their children in a number of ways. For example, some parents may convey the message that maintaining an attractive physical appearance is the most important goal for their daughters. But the most tragic is the introduction of sex-related textbooks or the so-called Comprehensive Sexuality Education or Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Right or Family Life Education or teen-sex education in schools without the consent of parents. Parents are the primary educators of their children. They are also the guardians of the morals of their children. Therefore a school or a teacher has no right to sexualize impressionable school pupils without the consent of their parents.
Despite work pressure, parents must be vigilant to ensure that the school is not sexualizing their children all in the name of sex education. The best sexuality education is the one taught by Daddies and Mummies at home. The sex education taught in schools is the biological sex education that only focuses on the examination of body parts and genitals that ultimately ends up sexualizing the school pupils. To promote the character of young people and by extension save the future, many countries, for instance, had spent all they have. Nigeria should do likewise. To destroy the character of school children is an unpardonable crime. School children constitute the real treasure of Nigeria. And the greatest crime anybody can commit is to destroy the treasure of the country.

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