• MSSN OAU Jihad Week starts this coming Friday (3/2/2017) with Special Jumu’ah at OAU Central Mosque, Ile-Ife, Osun State. 1:30pm (Prof. A. A. Sanusi, Chief Imaam)
• “At Tor-riqu ilal Jannah, The Path to Paradise” to be delivered by Dr. Rasheed Abdl Jabar Buwayb (Iwo). 4:30pm at OAU Central Mosque on Friday
• Saturday (4/2/2017) Prof M. O. A. Rahaman InterVarsity Qur’aan and Debate Competition. Five Ajzah from Baqarah and Ahqor to Naas (one participant for each), viewed Live and Direct in Nigeria and Abroad, amidst UNIFEMGA members in honour of Prof. M.O.A Rahaman.

All higher institutions in Nigeria are invited. Interested institutions that wish to partake in the competitions (Qur’aan and Debate) and have not been sent letters should contact 09039052468 (hotline) or Whatsapp 08031509452 on or before Thursday (2/2/2017)
• Sunday (5/2/2017) is the Jihad Week Formal Opening at Oduduwa Hall, OAU Ile-Ife amidst UNIFEMGA International. 

*The Lecturer is Sheikh AbdurRahman Ahmad of Ansarudeen, the National Chief Missioner. To be hosted by Prof. A. A. Sanusi and Chiefly hosted by Acting V.C of OAU, Prof. Elujoba. Spiritual Father being Chief Imaam of IfeLand, Sheikh Abdul Samii Abdul Hameed. 10am in sha Allaah.*
 *Special Guests: MSSN National President, MSSN Zonal Ameer, MSSN Osun Area Unit Ameer, Prof. Oladosu (UI), Dr. Abideen  Olaiya (FUNAB), Dr. Ma’roof Hassan (LAUTECH), Dr. Amao Alaga, Ummarah from other strata most especially higher institutions and others*. 
•*_Monday……. Watch out!_
• *Tuesday…….. Watch out!*
•_Wednesday…Watch out!
• *Thursday….. Watch out!*
•Friday…….Watch out!
*Come One Come All To See The Beauty Back Again!!*

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