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Sheikh Yahya Al-Yolawi urges Muslims to embrace unity

The Imam of Area 10, Garki Abuja Juma’ah Mosque, (FCT), Sheikh Yahya Al-Yolawi has urged Muslims not to allow differences in affiliations to disintegrate them.

He listed the differences to include, region, nation, race, locality, language, and or political party.

Al-Yolawi gave the advice while delivering Juma’ah Sermon entitled, “Islamic Brotherhood and Unity of the Muslim Ummah“, on Friday in Abuja.

He explained that Islam considered all Muslims to be brothers and sisters who belonged to one community which based its foundation on faith and persuasion of common objectives (worshiping of Allah).

The cleric said that Muslims were commanded to be one community and not to be divided, saying “ Allah says hold firmly to the rope of Allah, all together and do no become divided.“

He enjoined Muslims to hold firm to the straight path and not to deviate, adding that in Islam, brotherhood was preserved and
maintained solely to build one Ummah (community).

“ All Muslims are brothers and are like a single body and therefore can never be indifferent toward one another.

“ Among them should prevail the spirit of cooperation, brotherhood, fraternity, goodwill, love, sympathy and unity of directions.

“ And they should always be united for the defense of Muslim Ummah at anywhere and at any place in the world, “ Al-Yolawi said.

He expressed concern that Muslims were divided, adding that the “tragedy“ was that, such divisions were not endorsed by Islam, because Islam believes in fostering unity among its followers.

“ The Glorious Qur’an says and hold fast, all together by the rope which Allah (stretches out for you), and be not divided among yourselves.

“ The Glorious Qur’an is the rope of Allah which all Muslims should hold fast together. “

Al-Yolawi appealed to the Nigerian youths, irrespective of religion to remain calm, law abiding and shun all forms of political or tribal violence.

He warned youths against reprisal attack and taking laws into their hands, reminding them that such action was against the teachings and practice of Islam and could lead to more trouble for the people.


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