Its another beautiful morning and the thought of watching my little prince stretching out of bed with a warmly smile tells me that yesterday is gone and today gives a fresh ray of hope, a new dawn, an entirely different story.

The truth is there are always things around you that give life to your lost hope or your undaunted wishes; you have just closed your eyes to them. Stand up and look out through your window; it’s bright isn’t it ?.The gift of sight is a signal of hope that exhilarates your thoughts .Give yourself every reason to smile.

Forgive the one who hurt you,smile at your annoying neighbor,embrace your negligent friend, pardon your unrepentant colleague and overlook the faults of your ally. We all deserve a smile;your happiness shouldn’t hinge on the attitude of an individual or the turns of situations. Do have a Thrilling Tuesday!

Princess Bushrah Olagunju ( Author/ Motivational Speaker)

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