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SPCD’s Mujeedah AbdulAleem-Olagunju; From poetry To PhD

The Assistant Director, SPCD, Lagos Mujeedah Abdulaleem-Olagunju has climaxed her educational pursuit to earn a PhD in her field, African literature & Media

She successfully defended her dissertation submitted to the Post Graduate school of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria after almost six years of rigorous studies and research since where 2017.

, she had been undertaking her advanced studies and research in African Literature and Media.

Relentless Muji joined VON, I think in 2001, armed with B.A, M.A, in Literarure as an Admin Officer 1

With these qualifications and talent as writer-poet, she soon transferred to programmes Directorate soon to distinguish herself as an award winning producer, facilitating her rapid rise in VON.

Very mobile, she had her eyes on attaining PhD and tried severally to gain admission to several universities, Foreign or local.

On this trail too, she transferred to SPCD Department as a pioneer in 2013, like a few of us. She came in as an Assistant Chief Strategy Officer.

In pursuit of her scholarly dream, she was lucky eventually in 2017 to secure admission to ABU for her PhD with management approval.

Around this time in 2018, she formally wore the matriculation gown in ABU Zaria as a PhD candidate at a very humbling and inspiring ceremony. I was a witness.

To complete this journey which technically I’m part of at various stages, she will today be defending her dissertation.

With this feat, Mujeedah joins the growing league of scholars that VON management encouraged through approval for further studies and study leave with pay.

Congratulations to our new and lucky PhD holder.
It’s a successful journey despite the huge costs and risk of long travels between Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna and Zaria and long sleepless nights poring over thick books.

I pray for all others in VON trying to reach their goals, like Muji that God almighty will make their dreams come true.


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