Head of Hajj Preparatory Committee Hisham Al-Falih toured the holy sites in Makkah to ensure they are well-prepared and ready for the Haj season, SPA reported.

The tour included 11 sites and projects, train stations in Mina, eastern area of the Jamarat expansion project, 204 and 206 road projects, recycling station, and abattoirs in Al-Muaisim.

Some 36,000 restrooms will be readied near the holy sites, a source was quoted as saying by the Saudi Press Agency.

Al-Falih was accompanied by Haj Security Forces Commander Lt. Gen. Khalid Al-Harbi.

The field tour was ordered by Makkah Emir Prince Khalid Al-Faisal.

The Central Haj Committee is also preparing an area for non-Arab African pilgrims in Arafat, said the source.

Lt. Gen. Khalid Al-Harbi said: “It is our national and Islamic duty to stand by the pilgrims and protect them. The security forces are responsible for crowd control.”

He said that teamwork is important in managing Haj. All agencies cooperate to ensure the safety and comfort of pilgrims.

More than 17,000 officers and privates are participating in carrying out the general plan for emergencies in Haj with the help of 3,000 machines and equipment. There is also a plan for supporting the Civil Defense forces with personnel from the regions in case they are needed.

The Civil Defense have reached the highest level of preparedness to counter 13 probable hazards through a number of Civil Defense centers and units in Makkah.

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