1) Avoid interest related debts – Q2:278-279. It is a war from Allah which can come in any form


2) Add to your value : through training and education


3) Leave according to your means : never attempt to leave a fake life. Leave your life and not that of other person


4) Cooperate with your spouse – spouse who refuse to agree with each other have indirectly signed agreement with poverty


5) Wage war against corruption – never involve yourself in any form of corruption -;remember more haste less movement


6) Be moral – shun lies and deceits. Never allow yourself to a pathological lier


7) Re-ordering of priorities – the best way to increase income is to reduce expenses


8) Reliance on Allah – whoever relies on Allah, He will be sufficient for the person


9) Support the needy – helping others begets help from Allah


10) Let each member of the family generates income – some of the jobs contracted out can be done by the children such as watching cars, clothes laundry and many more


11) Togetherness – nobody grows in isolation. We need each other for better life to be achieved . None of US is better than all of US


12) Prayer – this is needed for crowning our efforts . The power of prayer is enormous and can not be over emphasized


Thank you

*Akintunde Haroon*

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