By Oke Ibrahim, Ogun

THE 1437AH Jihad Week launching held with numerous outstanding programmes at the College of Biological Sciences in the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB)

While delivering the lecture, Dr. Sharafadeen A/Kareem, admonished the students on the roles of a mujaheed.

Mujaheed, he said, is person involved in striving for Allah.

The lecturer explained the true concept of Jihad, which he called the total submission and striving for Allah’s cause.

Among, the types of jihad in islam, he highlighted, were “striving of the soul, striving with wealth, striving with knowledge, striving by propagation of Allah’s injunctions, striving by waging war against polytheism and striving in politics”.

The lecturer who is also the citadel Naibul Imam said to be a functional Mujaheed was by setting a goal of pleasing Allah and his messenger (SWW) and also being steadfast in practical dawah.

He emphasised that one of the ways of being an active Mujaheed was by doing practical dawah, by participating in building a masjid and reverting the lost soul back to Islam.

The highlight of the event was the launching divided into different folds and spearheaded by each coordinator of each folds

For the masjid level launching and the college launching, this year’s overall top launcher was the College of Management Science (COLMAS) with N40,500 followed by Hostel Mosque with the totally sum of N40,000.

The publicity chairman, Bro Muhammad, encouraged the Muslim students to patronize the attire for the week.

He said the long sleeve attire costs N2000, while the short sleeve costs N1500.

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