By Yusuf Aweda, Lagos

I am a proud Sunnih Muslim. And I am not apologetic about it. I do also discern that Shia has its global campaign and diabolical dominating plans to subdue the Sunnih too.

But then, somebody should help me to comprehend the recent Anti-shia violence going on in the North? Should some idiots who claim to be sunnih take laws into their hands and torment innocent people just because they differ with them in ideology and also because their opponents have some history of making troubles too?

The police is there to handle things. Whether being a Sunnih or a Shia, we are humans first of all and we must treat each other as such.

It is true that Shia has long history of deliberate violence against the Sunnih and they still do openly and clandestinely. The insane tussle between the two is the main reason Saudi and Iran are experimenting with innocent lives in Yemen.

Rewarding evil with evil is not the style of our prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. And such lugubrious perception is alien to Islam.

The security agency must be left to deal with the shia misappropriations and not this insane self helping from the depraved northern ‘Sunnih’ youths.

Aweda 1438AH.

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