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The Face of A New Phase by Bushrah Olagunju-Matemilola

The Face of A New Phase
The Face of A New Phase

As much as we’d love to, we can’t control the stages of life events that we experience. Some sweet, others sour and bitter. They all give a tranquil feeling or hot flashes when we remember them.

In the moment of every phase, make it something memorable. That moment is your moment. Not everyone is privy to it. So launch your move, and don’t lose guard.

For everyone entering into a new phase, celebrating a landmark, getting a promotion, starting a new business, or beginning anew, I congratulate you. You alone know well the story of your sojourn.

Your previous hiccups on the path don’t define you. It may build you, but ultimately, you are what you make of yourself and your present phase.

Don’t take along unworthy baggage. Leave them behind. Every day deserves a new face for a bright phase. Don’t expect too much. Some will help; others won’t, but what stands with you is your strength in the possibilities of a new start.

Face your fears and let this be a reason for future cheers!


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