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The gap and gab, by Bushrah Olagunju

Gracious Morning to you,
The unique nature of everyday comes with the power of the unknown. This is embedded in what the day has to offer; no one’s knows. We all just plan what we have to offer the day but not otherwise and so when it comes we struggle to fix them into what we had initially planned. Hence, always leave space in your everyday plan for what’s yet to come, which you don’t have power over.

Did you see the clips from Yesterday by BBC? I bet you did. I am not here to debate how true those incidences are. I want to turn the table around to face you; yes you. This is for the parents, guardians and every pillar of support that a child leans on.

Do you per chance see what I’m seeing? The gap between parents and their children is deepening to the extent that strangers take advantage of that to tame them since they know you will take their complains for gapping. You will assume they just want to say something not important. Beyond the nice clothes you buy, outside the shopping spree you take them on and apart from the times you take family pictures; do you really know what’s burning in the hearts of your children?

Do you trust them enough to tell you everything that’s going on with them? Are you approachable as a mother? Are you available as a father? Certain expositions don’t come naturally, cyber bullying or sexual harrassments are not issues they feel free to let you know about. You need to observe and ask questions, you need to see beyond the obvious. When a child begins to lose focus in class and begins to fall below her usual performance scale, it’s a red flag. Be concerned.

Parenting is a course that no one is awarded the certificate because it’s a course you can never complete. Don’t just plan for your kids, plan with them. Don’t see them as adults in the University, speak with them about the University.

I want to appeal to every parent who is trying to be better at giving their child the best, emotional traumas can be lasting, self esteem can be lost, confidence of a child can perish when the communication is missing. Let your children be close to you, let your time be shared with them and let your prayers never cease on them.

Every young adult needs a shoulder to relieve them of their struggles, don’t misjudge them! They’re not attention seekers, they just need you to douse their tension. Be there for them!


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