Poem by: Faseehah Emraan

That beautiful organ;
Jelly fish in the ocean of saliva.
It’s pinkish colour dazzles me,
I wouldn’t have known
the core of foods without it;
That delicious rice,
That sweet potato.
No bone yet strong,
Surfs up and down of my recitations,
And my presentation was applauded.
With it the best words I utter,
My brain boxes, it un-boxes!
My hearty thoughts out, made easy!
Complex multi languages I roar,
Fleshy, soft, curly, hard!
Without which I wonder expressions;
And how useless – locked up opinions!
That sister converted to Islam, Because of words that calm,
Yeah! She was about hugging suicide when you whispered words to her,
Your word choice were healing ,
And she became happy,
Oh! That !sorry’ alone went a long way,
You even taught the Qur’an with it,
And with it you say the Adhan.

But you know what?
It is the most delicate,
Explosive than bomb!
Sucks life faster than gun.
It leads to two ways;
Paradise or hell!
Oh no! You should not be,
Is it not with it you recite the Qur’an?
Is it not with it you remember Allah?

The Tongue,
What a great job you do!
I only said (thank you) to a brother, And fulfilled he became!
Even my Tasleem makes her smile,
Without you how can I preach Islam?
Without you how can I hearts, calm?
With you I shan’t see things go wrong,
With you I shan’t die in silence,
Because of you, the prophet was named Al-Faseeh ( الفصيح)
For he was the best of speakers,
Prophet Musa sought after a soft tongue,
For Da’wah is impossible without you,
I commend your effort Oh my tongue!
But, I have a question for you;

Why would you be denied of your roles that day?
That day when other organs will be given way.
Sober, but I know you are a liar!
You call black white when so it’s glaring,
Oh! With you, people are doomed
Many perpetrate evils due to your presence,
You change true worths and ill-paint essence,
You modify lies to be true,
And when He was caught stealing,
You bailed him out,
The last time she slept in a man’s house,
You cooked a story for father.
Oh! How can man not commit woes?
when you’re available he knows.
You do not only lie, tongue,
You testify even to falsehoods.
What the eye saw not, you saw,
What the ears heard not, you heard,
Yes! You caused the fight…
between ilhwaan and akhawaat,
Vilifying, slandering along the path.
He committed dejection upon the words you say,
How many truth seekers you advice astray,
What a great havoc you cause!
He wanted to say sorry out,
But you wouldn’t let the words out.
Many false testimonies made pure hearts prisoners.
How many innocents now become sufferers!
Tongue, you have a brain of your own,
That tells you to falsify what’s unknown,
How real your real causes Fitnah.
You control all organs at once,
Your order they oblige.
For you are the tongue!
But I have a good news for you,
As strong as you are,
You’re slave to your beholder,
He should think before he says,
Listen more and talk less,
He decides what you do, you see,
He can seize your mini brain’s liberty,
You may be a source of destruction, Yet you can earn him Jannah (الجنة),
The prophet’s promise to his Ummah,
When you’re used in the best manner.

Oh you custodian!
You are accountable for what you speak.


Imran Oloko Fasihat is a budding poet and writer from Ogun State. She is a 300-level student in the Department of Business Administration Management, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB). She is a member of Islamic World of Talents and Creative Minds (ISWOT).


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