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The Silence In Essence

Smile. Yes People. Just Smile. The past couple of days have seen more people being uptight. Keeping to themselves, being tensed, confused and trying to prepare for the unthinkable.

On the bright side, I applaud efforts of people saying maximise this period, use this break for self development, learn new online skills and certified courses, bond with family and spend time to do all the things you’ve always wanted to do.

As Scary as the pandemic is, it is forcing a new thought pattern and world order on everyone. *My fear and worry is that as much as I wish to say to you that this too will pass by, the question is what will change about you when all of this is over?*

Truth be told, we complain of never having time but now we have it, we complain of work schedules making you forget to call relatives, we give excuses of the kid’s school as the reason they don’t have time to study the religious books, we lean on deadlines as the reason our relationship is suffering. Now we have the time and space, what have you done differently?

This is just a shout out to you as I challenge you to first, rediscover your self and attach a purpose to you. It hurts to see love die because they’re not nurtured, it breaks me to see dreams perish because they were never believed, it is painful to see intellectual properties go into waste because we thought them vague and irrelevant.

This break is for you. Tidy the sheets, Rework the plan. Who are you? Why are you who you are? What would a better you be like? And what would life be in your absence.

You’re relevant yet indispensable. Live a life worth the take, love reasonably, laugh consciously, Devout time for Worship, Forgive Easily, Spend judiciously and Live purposefully.

Find the Essence of the Silence in the streets, in contrast to the troubled world and the noises of a filled house. What then is the sense in the silence and it’s essence. Find the echoes….and reach out for your essence.


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