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The truth on Mosque demolition by Wike’s government

By Anass Dukura, Nigeria

When I’m very interested about something, I make some research about it because I want to make sure it worths my attention and the level of my attention it worths.

About this Rivers mosque demolition, I was able to speak with Dr. Mansur Sokoto, who has a first-hand information concerning the unfortunate situation.
Some years back, during the time of former Governor Rotimi Amaechi, Muslim Community in Rivers bought the land, they successfully got all the clearances they ought to have got to build a Mosque.

As they started building the mosque, the governor said he wanted to build an estate on the land, therefore the approval should be reversed. The Muslim
Community filed a suit.

The court injunction stopped the government from revoking the approval. In 2017, they won in the court. Since then, the government of Rivers did NOT appeal the judgment.

The Muslim community mobilized for the site and spent millions of Naira building their mosque.
Until last week when the unfortunate happened; the agency regulating buildings in Rivers just appeared from nowhere with protection of police and started demolishing their Mosque.
The only reason they gave was that the Muslim Community did NOT revalidate their approval. Meanwhile they didn’t serve them any notice prior to their coming.

The most disgusting part of it all was that the building has reached “linter”. The law prohibits demolishing any building that reached such a stage without court order. But they arrogantly and mischievously went ahead and demolish it.

What could this be if NOT hatred for Muslims? At this critical stage of insecurity issues facing the country, Rivers State under Gov. Wike is but inviting crisis, chaos, and unnecessary unrest.

It’s very irresponsible of Rivers State Government to have opted for this stupidity and highest of irresponsibility. The mutual understanding between Muslims and Christians in Rivers is very desirable and should be maintained by all cost.
Beautiful part of it is that the Sultan of Sokoto and the Supreme leader of Muslims, Alhaji (Dr.) Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar, CFR is in the know and has already started intervening. This week, Press Conference would hold and briefing will be made officially concerning the ugly situation.

President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR should intervene, to avoid retaliation from the extreme end. We also implore Gov. Tambuwal, being the deputy chairman of Nigeria Governors Forum and a good political ally of Wike to please, for the sake of peace, draw his attention to – if NOT anything – his political future.

History don’t forget. One of the negative points used against Peter Obi in 2019 was his hatred for Northerners and how he deported them back to North. A good politician doesn’t give a chance. Be guided!

I also call on all Facebook and Twitter influentials to make sure this goes viral as that’s the only language they understand. I implore the lowly guys here trying to give it a political meaning to kindly desist.

This is pure hatred and it should be reversed. Nothing more. After all, it was Amaechi who started it all and Wike went ahead with the ugly agenda. The action should be condemned and all the actors involved. It’s all about religion and nothing politics.


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